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  • Reports say that the 26-teams will have a tournament to be hosted in Orlando in June

ORLANDO – The Major League Soccer season that was suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak has reportedly been set a return date for June.

The league is looking to continue with a 26-team tournament that will be held in Orlando. The Orlando City Lions head coach Oscar Pareja has expressed excitement in the idea of the MLS bringing the tournament to Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

A proposal for the season relaunch was sent to all 26-teams, with a June 1 date set to begin training in preparations for the tournament.

Major League Soccer Return

The return of the MLS season will bring a lot of betting action to the soccer world. The league shut down on March 12 and both sports bettors and teams have been itching for a return

Players have begun limited workouts at training facilities in states that have allowed it.

The real optimism is coming from the reports of the 26-team tournament to be held in Orlando. Sources told ESPN that the tournament may have the league divided into groups.

Each team would play five games during that stage and then be followed by a knockout stage.

There are also been reports of a consolation game in order to ensure all teams play the same amount of games. This tournament structure would be a needed betting addition for legal online sportsbooks , as a knock out structure would surely have sports bettors clambering for more action.

No official statement has been made by the MLS so there has yet to be any solid confirmation on the return of the season.

Until then, the action doesn’t have to stop, as online sportsbooks host virtual soccer matches with the same betting lines that would be found in a real-world MLS game.

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