Last updated on: March 3rd, 2022

Betting On Virtual Sports

Betting on virtual sports is a great way to place wagers if the sports you enjoy betting on are out of season or if you simply don’t feel like sitting for hours watching a game. Virtual sports are essentially computer-generated sports matchups that are pre-determined through an advanced algorithm. They emulate what a real sport would look like but do so in a quick and speedy way. Rather than betting on a real basketball game that lasts three hours, you can instead bet on a virtual one that only lasts for two minutes. Virtual sports graphics are also fairly realistic. One could compare them to watching a sports-based video game on one of the newest gaming consoles.

Virtual sports betting doesn’t require any previous research because the teams and events played are fictitious. However, in the past, it took some research to find a sportsbook that actually offered this type of wagering. While betting on virtual horse races and sports has been extremely popular in the U.K., sportsbooks in the U.S. are just now coming to embrace the technology in the same way. This means that you now have double the options of betting on virtual sports – Through U.S. based sportsbooks and offshore sports betting sites. We’ll go into detail about the legality of virtual sports betting, the types of sports available, and the future outlook of virtual sports betting in the following sections.

Is Virtual Sports Betting Legal?

Legal virtual sports betting came very popular when the pandemic began in early 2020. The fact that everyone was relying on virtual sports for entertainment makes it obvious how virtual sports betting was able to get so big. Bettors would go down and post big time bets on these virtual games and virtual matchups and it is very much legal for them to do that. The place that this can be done is online sportsbooks that will have virtual sports betting up and a top betting option. Even though this is different than regular sports, the money that can be won can still be the same. Players can check out land based sportsbooks but there won’t be as many different betting options there as there is on any online sportsbook. So the fact is that Virtual sports betting is legal and draws more of a crowd not only to virtual sports, but also to the online sportsbooks that offer them.

Types Of Virtual Sports You Can Bet On

There is a slew of virtual sports available for sports bettors to wager on. You will be able to find betting odds for virtual sports like soccer, dog racing, basketball, tennis, horse racing, dog racing, and even motorsports. Many sportsbooks host odds for different virtual sports, with Bovada, even having betting lines for virtual camel racing. A lot of these are based on fictitious teams. These betting lines are usually embraced by fans all over the world, but US sports bettors are able to participate in virtual sports betting as well since the rules are very simple and accessible. Other virtual sports are also available through simulations on popular video games like NBA2k, FIFA, Madden, and other sports video games. The athletes, horses, or teams represented in these virtual matchup’s are usually based on real people, with the outcomes being based on real possibilities that can occur in a real game.

What Types Of Bets Can You Make On Virtual Sports?

With virtual sports betting, its no different than real sports betting or esports betting. You will find the betting line, take action on the odds you want, and play to win big. Virtual betting lines will be the same as any other. One team will be favored over the other, there will be odds for the spread, and there will be odds for the totals. You can bet on who will win, by how much, and what the Over/Under is on the combined score. With certain virtual betting, the odds are determined by the real-life counterparts’ stats and skills of the virtual teams and players.That type of virtual betting is basically identical to betting on real-life sporting events. The more comon type involves fictional teams so betting on them is more of a game of chance rather than skill.

Future Outlook Of Virtual Sports Betting

As modern computers continue to evolve and increase in processing capability, virtual sports betting is only going to become more immersive and ubiquitous. The NBA is already trailblazing the way for other major sports leagues by launching its own virtual sports program called NBA Last 90. By combining the instant gratification and enticing uncertainty of virtual sports with the familiarity of real teams and plays, Last 90 is the perfect introduction to virtual sports for bettors looking for something to power them through the dog days of the NBA offseason (or the regular season; 82 games is a lot). Depending on how successful Last 90 is, other major sports leagues might follow suit in launching their own virtual sports platforms.  

MyBookie Madden Simulated Game Betting

MyBookie online sportsbook offers betting lines for Madden20 simulation games. These games are played strictly by the in-game computer on the highest difficulty setting, All-Madden. The process is simple, two teams are chosen, the CPU plays the games out with 15-minute quarters, and no real player influence affects the outcome. Fans can place bets on the over/under, Moneyline, and spread; the same as if it were a real-life NFL game. This is just another way for sports bettors to wager with virtual sports betting. Madden simulation games are another great way to get in on virtual gaming action.

It Is There Virtual Sports Betting For College Sports?

Currently, there are no virtual college betting options available. This could be due to the fact that college games are no longer currently being made. It can also be due to the constant changing of college team rosters due to players graduating or one and done student-athletes. Virtual college betting does not seem to be something that will happen in the near future either due to these same factors. Online sportsbooks offer betting opportunities for every sport but no college teams will have the option to be wagered on.