Southland Casino has launched its sportsbook and is ready to take bets on Super Bowl 54.

  • Southland Casino in West Memphis Arkansas launches sports betting.
  • Sports Betting goes live just days before Super Bowl 54.
  • This is a part of a city-wide expansion in West Memphis.

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – With Super Bowl 54 incoming, major casinos don’t want to miss out on all the wagers that will be taking place. So, it is no surprise that just days before the Super Bowl, Southland Casino in West Memphis Arkansas has officially launched legal sports betting.

The casino that is already known for their Greyhound racing has officially begun accepting Super Bowl wagers and sports bets of all types on Tuesday, January 28.

Citizens and officials are hoping to use the extra revenue from Arkansas sports betting to increase their city-wide budgets for other projects.

Super Bowl Weekend Huge For Revenue

No one should be happier than Southland Casino themselves, who will be able to capitalize on the huge wagers that will be taking place over the weekend. Super Bowl 54 is expected to see a record number of betting dollars being wagered across the US and Southland Casino stands to get a piece of the pie.

Senior Director of Marketing for Southland Casino Jeff Strang said “Timing is great. We feed off a population and we’re hoping it’s going to make it more convenient to come here based on time, travel as elsewhere in the Midsouth.”

Despite the convenience of the timing, Southland maintains that it is sheer coincidence that their sportsbooks would go live just a mere five days before the biggest sporting event in the country.

Southland Casino is actually owned by the parent company, Delaware North, which recently signed a sports betting deal with IGT after months of a contract dispute with their previous sports betting supplier. That deal may have played a part in the timing of Southland casinos sportsbook launch date.

The excess revenue will not only benefit Southland Casino however, as the entire city of West Memphis plans to use the excess money to expand the city, turning it into a more tourist-friendly location.

West Memphis Expansions

The city of West Memphis is currently undertaking a multitude of projects in hopes of increasing traffic thus increasing city-wide revenue. The launch of sportsbooks in Southland Casino is just one part of that dream.

Strang continues on the benefits for West Memphis by saying “This adds more inventory to help compete to bring more events to the Memphis area so it compliments Memphis.”

Currently on the list, West Memphis is working on a 20-story hotel that is currently under construction, a larger casino floor, and more restaurants. The extra income from legal sports betting is sure to help expedite the process of these projects.

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