Sportradar and the NHL enter 10-year partnership

  • The NHL has partnered with Sportradar through a new 10-year contract, making them the official NHL sports betting data provider for the league.
  • This deal will include streaming rights provided by Sportradar, as well as all other NHL statistics for sportsbooks to offer their customers.
  • Hockey is a popular sport but this partnership, which will be done on a global scale, is expected to boost the number of fans of the game.

NEW YORK – On Tuesday, it was announced that the European-based sports betting firm Sportradar entered into a 10-year deal with the NHL that will span the globe as their service provider.

NHL betting is still somewhat of an untapped market when compared to other sports like the NFL, which is one reason why the league has decided to partner up with Sportradar in an expanded manner.

Details Of The Agreement

NHL betting can be done worldwide through a variety of markets, so what Sportradar will be providing for the sport will vary depending on where they are. The company has been providing data for the league since 2015, but this new agreement involves much more than that, especially now that sports betting has become a regulated industry in more than half of the United States.

“The NHL has been a terrific partner for Sportradar for nearly seven years and we look forward to collaborating with them in an expanded manner to continue increasing the global reach of the league while delivering ground-breaking products and services to our customers,” said Carsten Koerl, Global CEO, Sportradar. “This agreement truly highlights the global, multi-vertical, wide-ranging capabilities of Sportradar’s technology solutions and reflects how we use data to create engaging, personalized experiences for our partners and customers.”

Regulated sports gaming markets within the U.S. and across the world will now be provided with media data, streaming services, and betting statistics. Sportradar will also serve as the Official Integrity Partner for the NHL. Live-in game wagers will be available at sportsbooks with real-time reports provided by the company.

Sportradar will be using Puck and Player technology, which is new for the sport but gives the best, most updated information that is crucial for wagering on hockey.

“As the global leading provider of sports data for the media and betting industry, Sportradar has the unique expertise to help us deliver stats, insights, and video content to our fans, who are extremely tech-savvy and constantly crave new and compelling ways to engage with our sport,” said Gary Bettman, the Commissioner of the NHL. “The capabilities, versatility, and global scale of Sportradar’s platforms and products will assist us in providing fans, media, and sports betting companies around the world with a greater depth of data and more immersive experience with the game. We’re thrilled to continue and deepen our important partnership with Sportradar and look forward to delivering a best-in-class fan experience through our collaborations over the next decade.”

What’s Coming For NHL Wagering

Much if not all of this information from the new deal made between the NHL and Sportradar will be done through mobile sportsbooks and other digitized forms of sports gaming.

Sports bettors around the world should be able to find all of these new features within sportsbooks that use Sportradar as a data service provider from now through the next ten years for gambling on hockey.

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