Sports betting lounges are expected to open in NFL stadiums in the near future.

  • The NFL will allow sports betting lounges to open in stadiums.
  • Only states that legalized sports betting will have betting lounges.
  • Several states with NFL teams are considering to legalize sports betting in 2020.

NEW YORK — The NFL has allowed for the opening of sports betting lounges inside of NFL stadiums. This is a positive step in the right direction for the legalization of sports betting nationwide.

The lounges will only be opened in the stadiums in which the states have legalized sports betting. These lounges will only be sponsored by sportsbooks and not offer sports betting on-site.

Sports Betting Lounges

These lounges will be operated exactly how they are called, as a betting lounge. No betting will be taking place at all in the actual stadiums. The purpose as of now is for sports bettors to be able to go and check betting lines as well as watch other games going on.

“We’re allowing betting lounges—similar to daily fantasy lounges today, in an adult, discreet area, there will be a betting setup, but we’re not going to have betting windows,” said Chris Haplin chief strategy and growth officer for the NFL to ESPN.

The stadiums will be allowed to bring on sportsbooks as sponsors but they must be referred to as a “sponsor” when they are referencing the sportsbook. Stadiums will also be prohibited from showing sports betting signage in the lower sections of the stadium. In the lounge areas, however, fans will be shown mobile betting options.

This is a huge step in the right direction for on-site sports betting at local sports events, even though only mobile betting will be taking place in NFL stadiums now.

Where They Will Be Operated

Legal sports betting is only allowed in select states, those select states with NFL teams will be the ones allowed to open and operate these sports betting lounges. Currently, there are only four states with an NFL team(s) in which sports betting is legalized.

  • Indiana (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Nevada (Las Vegas Raiders)
  • New Jersey (New York Jets, New York Giants)
  • Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles)

With the legalization of sports betting currently on the rise, there are other states with an NFL market that are expected to launch sports betting later on this year.

  • Colorado (Denver Broncos)
  • Washington D.C. (Washington Redskins)
  • Illinois (Chicago Bears)
  • Tennessee (Tennessee Titans)

It is only a matter of time before we see these sports betting lounges start opening up in more NFL states. Many of the states considering signing sports betting into law will allow for betting on the NFL and others such as Washington and Georgia have an NFL team within their state.

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