Bettors who are watching XFL games will see game lines appear on the screen.

  • ABC and ESPN to use Score Bug showcase betting lines during XFL games.
  • XFL announcers will also be allowed to discuss the betting lines like over/under during the game.
  • This is a clear distinction from how the NFL behaves towards sports betting.

STAMFORD, Conn. – Sports bettors who plan to wager during the XFL season just got some good news. ABC and ESPN will display betting lines on screen during XFL games.

XFL announcers are also allowed to discuss betting lines and gambling metrics throughout the game. This is a clear difference from the NFL, giving the Vince McMahon owned league its own identity in the American football world.

Score Bug Showing Wagers

ABC and ESPN will be using the new Score Bug display during XFL broadcasts. Score Bug will show sports bettors the over/under and point spread alongside the traditional elements such as the game clock, score, timeouts remaining, and which down the team is on.

This integration is a clear showing of embracement of betting on the XFL and is a separation from the attitude that the NFL has.

“The over/under and point spread will be incorporated in our on-screen dashboard for XFL games. When it’s appropriate, our announcers will also have conversations around the spread and over-under,” said Lee Fitting, ESPN’s Senior VP of Production.

The XFL’s approval and encouragement of sports betting is an attempt for the league to be not only a viewing experience but an all-around fan experience on multiple levels.

XFL President and COO Jeffrey Pollack expressed that innovations such as Score Bug are for the betterment of the fans’ overall experience with the XFL.

“We are bringing a spirit of innovation to our game and fan experience, and our television partners share this approach,” said Pollack, “We want what our fans want, and many of our fans enjoy legal betting on football. Integrating the point spreads and betting lines into our broadcasts will create a more robust viewing experience that deepens our fan engagement and connectivity.”

Announcing The Lines

Another unique sports betting element for the XFL is that the broadcasters will be allowed to discuss betting lines during the game.

Announcers for ESPN and ABC will be able to mention the point spread or over/under during appropriate times throughout the game. For example, these might be mentioned at the start of a game or if a team scores a late touchdown.

We want to serve the viewer with this information when it feels right,” Fitting said.

Vince McMahon of WWE fame has brought the XFL back after its one and done season in 2001. There is a clear effort to create staying power this time around.

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