Black Lives Matter protests near Robert E. Lee statue

  • The global protests for Black Lives Matter (BLM) have led sportsbooks to add some bets on the most current of events.
  • Virginia Governor Ralph Northam wants the Robert E. Lee statue removed but the +200 odds are an underdog.
  • As a former Attorney General, Kamala Harris has -1000 odds to not support the “defund the police” movement.

LOS ANGELES – Protests have been happening nationwide since the wrongful death of George Floyd on May 25 and sportsbooks have posted a few prop bets regarding the topic.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a global movement created to obliterate the oppression of black people worldwide. The organization’s protests have been in full swing over the past two weeks in honor of Floyd.

With so many cities across the globe gathering together for the cause, the people are going against the police, as it was a police officer that killed Floyd.

Aside from the many political betting odds surrounding California Senator Kamala Harris (D), there are also props on where her support will lie.

Protesting Props Pandemonium

Earlier this week, Harris praised Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles from pulling $150 million from the LA Police Department’s budget while she was being interviewed on Good Morning America.

Although she was happy that the LAPD is being defunded, she has not spoken to whether or not she will support a movement that is centered on defunding the police.

Will Kamala Harris support “defund the police” movement?

  • No (-1000)
  • Yes (+550)

“No” is the favored answer on mobile sports betting apps with odds of -1000.

“The status quo has been to determine and create policy around the idea that more police equals more safety. And that’s just wrong,” said Harris. “You know what creates greater safety? Funding our public schools, so that, currently, two-thirds of our public-school teachers don’t have to come out of their own back pocket to pay for school supplies.”

With the push of historic American monuments being taken down by BLM protestors crying they represent everything that’s wrong with the United States, judges are having to intervene.

A Virginia judge issued an order to stop the takedown of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s statue in Richmond. This order came about when it was learned that Governor Ralph Northam was going to have the monument removed.

Will the Robert E. Lee statue be removed in Richmond, VA?

  • No (-300)
  • Yes (+200)

“Governor Northam remains committed to removing this divisive symbol from Virginia’s capital city, and we’re confident in his authority to do so,” said Alena Yarmosky, a spokesperson for Northam.

The Governor and his office are prepared for what they believe will be a court battle that will go on for upwards of a year.

However, they are fully prepared to see Northam’s decision for Lee’s statue removal to come to fruition.

If this is the case, betting on the underdog of this wager could be fruitful in its own right for bettors.

Both wagers listed are relevant to what’s happening in the world right now and would be something gamblers could bet on while waiting for the comeback of sports.

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