Patrick Mahomes scores a rushing TD in Super Bowl 54.

  • Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs made the first touchdown of SB 54.
  • Both Tide and Budlight are combining their advertisements.

MIAMI – The first half of Super Bowl 54 has ended and for those NFL fans that missed some key plays, here’s everything that went down, odds included.

First Quarter Breakdown

The San Francisco 49ers won the coin toss which landed on tails (-105) and San Francisco deciding to defer to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City was the first team to punt it (-105) Quarterback Patrick Mahomes couldn’t do anything with the ball, having both a 2nd and 2 (tipped by Bosa) and a 3rd and 2 thrown away under pressure.

The 49ers were the first to score on a field goal (+375) by kicker Robbie Gould and the first to make a first down during the game (-105).

When it came to which political commercial came first, Trump won with (-250) as his commercial appeared during the first half.

When Kansas City got the ball, Mahomes ran it in on 4th and 1 to score the first touchdown (+1800) (+900 for the Chiefs) of the game making the score 6-3. With the added field goal, it was 7-3.

Second Half Breakdown

Sammy Watkins (KC) had the longest catch for game Over 20.5 -120 and the first reception over 12.5 yards (+105) The 49ers were able to score seven points in the second half with Kyle Juszczyk scoring the Niners first (+1800).

The Chiefs scored three, tying the Super Bowl score at 10-10 going into halftime.

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