Law enforcement is working with Uber drivers to watch out for signs of human trafficking during Super Bowl 54.

  • Law enforcement has begun preparing Uber drivers to look for signs of human trafficking during Super Bowl week.
  • About 160 people were arrested in Atlanta during last year’s Super Bowl week.
  • The Super Bowl is a big target for human traffickers.

MIAMI – With Super Bowl 54 coming to Miami, law enforcement has begun taking steps in the fight against human trafficking. With the influx of people in Miami for the Super Bowl, and a large amount of those individuals being from out of town, Miami will be a big target for human traffickers.

To combat this, local law enforcement has been working with Uber to educate their drivers on how to look for signs of human trafficking.

Drivers have been taking classes to train them to recognize signs of abuse, scars, and any other indicators that potential human trafficking may be taking place.

The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Although Super Bowl 54 doesn’t kick off until Sunday, thousands have already begun flooding into the city to participate in Super Bowl-related activities. While residents and tourists alike are partying and enjoying the festivities surrounding Super Bowl 54, law enforcement is reminded of the very real risk of predatorial criminal activity taking place around the city.

Miami law enforcement is working with Florida Attorney General Ashely Moody to catch these predators. Their plan of attack is to enlist the aid of volunteers to be the eyes and ears during Super Bowl week.

With the cooperation of the NFL, Moody and local law enforcement are calling ride-hailing services such as Uber, hotel workers, and security personnel to be on the lookout for and report any and all suspicious activities.

When speaking at the “No Room for Trafficking” conference, Moody stated “Most of the cases begin with anonymous tips. That’s how we’ll catch these guys.”

At the event with Moody was President and CEO of the Asian American Hotel Owner Association, Cecil Staton. Staton joined Moody, saying “No honest hotelier wants human trafficking on their property. We are all about collaboration.”

Alongside the International Rescue Committee, Uber held a seminar to inform drivers of what signs to look out for that may indicate possible human trafficking. The signs drivers are to look out for are forms of branding like tattoos, burns, scars, they are also to look for any signs of physical abuse, confusion or anxiety.

According to Attorney General Moody, 160 people were arrested on the charge of human trafficking during Super Bowl week in Atlanta last year. A lot of the arrests were thanks to phone calls from concerned Uber drivers who noticed something was wrong.

Superbowl 54 will see the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers. The big day will hopefully be a lot safer with the steps being taken by law enforcement.

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