Table Tennis.

  • Sports betting operator William Hill has been collecting bets daily in the six-figure range on Russian and Ukrainian table tennis.
  • Two weeks ago, the sportsbook received a 10-leg parlay wager for $50 on the table tennis match ups where the lucky sports bettor won almost $10,000.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – As the Coronavirus has canceled sporting events worldwide, online sportsbooks have been looking for business through various new outlets and table tennis has proved to be a lucrative option.

Ukrainian and Russian table tennis bets have taken the top of the leader board with sports bettors at online sportsbooks, and William Hill is a shining example of this trend.

Other different offerings at this time include Australian football, Nicaraguan soccer, and Japanese sumo wrestling but none can hold a candle to the interest being shown in the table tennis category.

Table Tennis Bets With William Hill

William Hill Sportsbook has reported that they are taking in a minimum of six-figures a day on table tennis bets.

“Table tennis is the No. 1 draw by a country mile,” said William Hill sportsbook director Nick Bogdanovich.“There’s 90 matches a day, so it adds up. We’re doing in-play betting on it. People have adopted it. They’re handicapping these guys now. They’re into it, for sure. They bet it pretty darn good.”

On March 28, one sports bettor using the William Hill mobile application in Nevada made a 10-leg parlay bet on table tennis for $50. That person ended up winning $9676.20 from the wager. William Hill tweeted the exact picks that landed their customer the massive payout.

Why This Sport?

Russian and Ukrainian table tennis offers dozens of matches per day for those looking for multiple legal sports betting opportunities. The sheer number of matches is helpful for internet sportsbooks to try and bridge the gap while all other sports are on hiatus.

William Hill has said that getting the proper information for the matches has proven to be a hard task but they’ve managed to put it together for their customers.

“Finding information on that stuff is very difficult,” said Bogdanovich. “I’ve been pretty astonished by the amount of tickets on Russian table tennis.”

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