President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden

  • The number of presidential betting odds and betting lines are growing by the day.
  • Joe Biden is favored over President Donald Trump at legal betting sites with -170 odds.
  • Trump is favored at -130 to win Florida.

WASHINGTON – The 2020 Presidential Election has sports bettors clamoring for action at legal sports betting sites. There are several political betting lines to take action on.

The odds are affected by the current polls, which have Joe Biden favored in several key states over Donald Trump, as well as by real-world events such as Presidential Debates and the simultaneous Town Hall meetings both candidates had.

There is a lot of Presidential Election odds available for wagering at online sportsbooks. These odds will run through Election Night on November 3.

Amy Coney Barret Odds To Payout

The race to fill the Supreme Court Justice seat had sports bettors taking heavy action on. Amy Coney Barret was a favorite at online sportsbooks early on to be Donald Trump’s nomination.

Odds For Who Donald Trump Will Announce As Supreme Court Nominee

  • Amy Coney Barrett +150
  • Barbara Lagoa +300
  • Allison Jones Rushing +400
  • Bridget Bade +600

Despite the efforts of the Democratic Party to postpone the selection, it seems it’s all but confirmed Barret will take the seat.

During her hearings, Barret was grilled heavily by Democratic Senators over a litany of topics. Ultimately, however, it seems that sports bettors who took Barret will be cashing in by Thursday at the earliest.

Still, the Senate plans to work through the weekend in order to push the confirmation through.

Dueling Town Hall Meetings

The Town Hall Meetings clash between President Trump and former VP Biden has affected betting lines. With Trump testing positive for the coronavirus, and opting out of doing the debate digitally, the Town Hall Meetings were in lieu of a debate.

Prior to the meetings, Joe Biden was favored over Donald Trump to win the Presidential Election.

Presidential Odds Before Town Hall Meeting

  • Joe Biden -180
  • Donald Trump +150

What the night did was separate the candidates even more, as many polls following the meetings showed more American Citizens leaning towards voting for Joe Biden than Donald Trump.

Following the meetings, Joe Biden stands with 51% of voting Americans to Donald Trump’s 42% according to current political polls.

This could be due to President Trump’s responses to questions during his Town Hall Meeting. Despite himself catching the coronavirus, Trump continued to be against masks.

He also spent the night avoiding many questions and pushing anti-radical left rhetoric. The President was on the defensive. In contrast, Biden managed to win over many American voters by delivering stern answers to tough questions.

When called out on his “You ain’t black” statement, Biden kept the focus on what he plans to do for the black community in America.

The differences in both candidate’s approach clearly had a strong effect on not just voters but also sports bettors. Biden’s odds continue to remain shorter and President Trump continues to have longshot odds of retaining his seat.

Current Presidential Odds

  • Joe Biden -175
  • Donald Trump +155

Campaigning In Key States

Regardless of what the odds say, however, the name of the game is winning the states. Specifically, the swing states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and many others.

The Trump campaign has been campaigning heavily in these states, hosting several rallies in Florida, and even having his Town Hall meeting in the Sunshine state.

However, according to current polls, Joe Biden has maintained a steady lead in Florida. Florida voted Republican in 2016.

Florida Polls

  • Biden 48.8%
  • Trump 45.4%

Despite the polls, sports bettors are leaning towards Florida once again voting for Donald Trump. Sports bettors are taking action that the Sunshine State, who has a Republican Governor, will be voting red in the general elections.

Florida Odds

  • Democratic Candidate -110
  • Republican Candidate -130

Things get interesting when looking at the polls and odds for Michigan. Despite historically voting Democrat, the Wolverine State voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

The Trump administration has been campaigning hard in the Midwest, hosting back to back rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin with plans to have VP Mike Pence host an event in Pennsylvania.

Michigan, however, according to the polls is leaning heavily in the direction of voting for Joe Biden. Current numbers show a major democratic lead.

Michigan Polls

  • Biden 50.6%
  • Trump 42.8%

While Republicans may have pulled the upset in the last election, sports bettors are still leaning heavily in favor of the Democratic party claiming the Wolverine State.

Michigan Odds

  • Democrat -260
  • Republican +200

To not be outdone, the Biden campaign has tasked former President Barack Obama to campaign for them. Both Obama and Joe Biden will be hosting a rally in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has traditionally voted Democrat, but in the last election, Donald Trump managed to win the Keystone State with a 0.72% margin of victory. This was the narrowest margin in 176 years.

This would explain why the Biden campaign is pushing so hard to claim the state. According to the latest numbers, Biden has a strong lead in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Polls

  • Biden 50.6%
  • Trump 44.2%

Sports bettors are not expecting Donald Trump to scrape by Pennsylvania again, with most sports bettors leaning towards the Democratic Party to claim the votes.

Pennsylvania Odds

  • Democrat -220
  • Republican +180

Final Presidential Debate

There is one more major event that could shift all the odds and that’s the final Presidential Debate. Donald Trump and Joe Biden will meet each other for the last time on Thursday.

Political bettors taking action at legal sports betting sites may want to places their bets now as the odds are sure to be affected by the results of the debate.

There are also dozens of prop bets set for the debate, giving bettors an extra chance to cash in on this political season.

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