2021 Presidential Inauguration

  • Joe Biden has +200 odds to stumble Over ½ word during his Inauguration.
  • The inauguration of Joe Biden is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. EST on Wednesday.
  • Joe Biden’s Inauguration speech is listed at +225 odds to be under 1500 words.

WASHINGTONThe Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden is slated for Wednesday, as today marks Donald Trump’s and his administration’s last full day in control of the US Government.

It hasn’t been a smooth transition of power as Washington is still reeling in the wake of the pro-Trump mob storming the US Capitol building to protest the 2020 US Presidential Election results two weeks ago.

In anticipation of more pro-Trump backlash, Joe Biden’s inauguration features a Washington D.C. on high alert with the National Guard already deployed throughout the nation’s capital. Outside of officially making Joe Biden the Commander in Chief, the inauguration will also provide political bettors with an opportunity to win at legal sports betting sites.

Each of the following political betting props can be found at BetOnline and range from the word count of Biden’s inauguration speech to will Biden put the wrong hand on the Bible while taking the oath of office.

Joe Biden Presidential Inauguration Betting Odds

How Many Words Will Joe Biden Stumble Over (During Presidential Oath)

  • Under ½ Words -300
  • Over ½ Words +200

Winner: Over ½ Words (+200). By now it is well known that Joe Biden has a speech impediment and as he takes his oath, if he messes up one word it will allow the Over for this prop to hit. The Presidential Oath consists of 39 words and bettors should take the +200 odds that Biden messes up at least one time.

Word Count Of Joe Biden’s Inauguration Speech

  • Over 1500 Word Count -350
  • Under 1500 Word Count +225

Winner: Over 1500 Word Count (-350). The United States is a divided country and dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Incoming President Joe Biden will likely have a lot to say about his plans to bring the country out of the pandemic and the goals he hopes his administration will achieve. Donald Trump’s inaugural address in 2017 was 1,433 words but before him the last three inaugural addresses were all over 2,000 words. Expect Biden, with all that is going on in the US today to be well over that 1500-word count for his address.

Will “Scranton” Be Said By Joe Biden

  • No -250
  • Yes +170

Winner: Yes (+170). Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and has repeatedly mentioned his birthplace to show just how far he has come in his journey to becoming the US President. In an attempt to relate with some American’s experience, Biden will likely mention his upbringing in Scranton again during his inaugural address. Bettors should take the +170 odds that Biden mentions Scranton at some point as it is an important aspect of what helped make him who he is today.

For those looking to hit on a possible longshot bet during the inauguration, there’s a prop that could net bettors a major return.

Joe Biden To Put Wrong Hand On The Bible During Oath

  • No -10000
  • Yes +1400

Winner: Yes (+1400). Of all the US Presidential Inauguration betting props this one has the longest odds attached to it. For the +1400 odds for this prop to hit Biden’s right hand needs to touch the Bible. A simple mishap could very well be in the cards especially considering Joe Biden’s age. Roll the dice on the odds that Biden puts the wrong hand on the Bible with a small wager that could result in a big return at sportsbooks.

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