Tennessee sportsbooks are under investigation.

  • Two mobile sportsbooks in Tennessee have experienced illegal sports betting activity with the most recent problems taking place with the Super Bowl.
  • The Tennessee Education Lottery (TEL) is currently investigating the matter as they regulate the industry.
  • The two compromised applications have closed a combined 74 user accounts permanently since finding out what was happening.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee is home to four legal mobile sportsbooks and two of those platforms reported illegal activity for Super Bowl 55.

On Wednesday, the Tennessee Education Lottery (TEL) stated that the illegal wagers placed with these applications were not only on the Super Bowl however the NFL Championship Game was the most recent event where the problem was seen.

Between the two operators in question, 74 user accounts have been closed permanently.

On top of account closures, countless wagers on the Super Bowl have been void from being seen as active bets. The TEL is being tightlipped on the situation as an investigation is ongoing.

The problem began prior to the Super Bowl which led to the TEL not allowing mobile sportsbooks in Tennessee to have prop bets open on the biggest game of the NFL season. Although there are no real sources to verify what types of wagers were suspicious, it’s a safe bet to say prop bets saw some of that illegal activity if they were banned from Super Bowl action.

Tennessee Sports Betting

Super Bowl Sunday for Tennessee sports betting took in a combined handle of $15.5 million across its four platforms. After the $12.6 million in payouts to winners, $2.9 million was gained in revenue for one game.

Three more sportsbooks are expected to enter the legal sports wagering market in the Volunteer State in the near future. Churchill Downs, William Hill, and Wynn Sports are all on the cusp of launching in Tennessee.

There are also two more businesses in the process of becoming licensed to go live in the state. In total, that makes for nine platforms for Tennessee sports bettors to use for gambling on sporting events in the coming months.

Since its November 1 launch through January 2021, $523 million has been wagered in Tennessee per the TEL records. These figures continue to climb having November at a handle of $131.4 million, December with $180.9 million, and January seeing over $210 million.

The investigation with the TEL will continue in order to find out how this illegal gambling through legal state-sanctioned mobile sportsbooks was able to take place.

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