Democratic election odds for Texas ahead of Super Tuesday.

  • With Super Tuesday looming, Texas is a major delegate grab for whoever can win the state.
  • Joe Biden had a strong lead in Texas for months until Bernie Sanders closed the gap and took a narrow lead.
  • Bloomberg and Warren are tied for the longest odds of victory.

AUSTIN, Texas – Super Tuesday is upon us and the democratic candidates are doing their best in order to claim victory in Texas. The Lone Star State has a large number of delegates that can be the difference in the general elections.

Former Vice President Joe Biden had an early lead in the polls for Texas, but as the primaries persisted, Bernie Sanders has swayed the Texas residents, now boasting a narrow lead.

In third is Michael Bloomberg who despite his many resources, has so far failed to claim the lead in any primary.

Fight For Texas

The 2020 presidential election is hitting its first climax as Super Tuesday persists. The current odds have Sanders as the favorite to win the Texas Democratic primary, with Biden being not too far behind.

Odds to Win Texas Primary:

  • Bernie Sanders: -115
  • Joe Biden: EVEN
  • Michael Bloomberg: +10000
  • Elizabeth Warren: +10000

According to the polls, Sanders is sitting on a 15-point lead in Texas over Biden. Winning Texas will play a major role in taking the Democratic nomination as Texas hosts 228 delegates.

Sanders is looking at claiming 34% of likely Democratic primary voters to Biden’s 19%. Bloomberg will likely claim 15% with Warren claiming 10%.

Texas could tilt the election completely, as leading candidates Sanders and Biden are essentially tied for North Carolina after Biden had a strong victory in the South Carolina primary. These two candidates have separated themselves from the pack and Super Tuesday may push them even further ahead.

Sanders’s successes are not too much of a shock as he was expected to take Super Tuesday by storm.

Being ahead in the polls and the favorite according to the odds, we may actually get a Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump presidential election.

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