The Titans - Steelers game has been postponed!

  • The Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers game will be postponed because several team members tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • The positive tests were reported after last Sunday’s game and an additional positive test was found on Tuesday.
  • The MLB had a similar issue at the start of their season which could give much hope that the season is not in jeopardy.

NEW YORK – The Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans game that was initially scheduled for Sunday has now been postponed due to multiple positive COVID-19 tests.

On Wednesday, the NFL released a statement announcing that the game will be the first coronavirus-affected rescheduled game to give time further conduct testing and “ensure health and safety of players, coaches and game day personnel.”

After positive COVID-19 tests were reported from four Titans players and five team staff members following the Titans and Minnesota Vikings game last Sunday, both the Vikings and Titans suspended all in-person team activities.

No Viking players tested positive after the game but in another round of testing done on Tuesday, another Tennessee player tested positive.

That led the league to decide it would be best to postpone the upcoming Titans game.

The NFL has been taking the COVID-19 game day protocols that are set very seriously by cracking down on coaches wearing masks on the sidelines. The league enforced fines and even threatened to forfeit draft picks or suspend coaches if the failure to comply with protocols continued.

NFL fans and legal sports bettors can find solace in the fact that the MLB had a very similar situation happen at the start of their season.

The Miami Marlins had a COVID-19 outbreak which led to postponing games when the 2020 season kicked off and many wondered if the season was doomed.

The league was able to overcome it and mitigate the spread of the virus and is now beginning its postseason after a successful rest of the season.

The NFL will most likely look at what the MLB was able to do and work to make sure this outbreak and delay of the game is only an isolated situation in the 2020 NFL season.

The statement released by the NFL stated the Titans and Steelers game could be rescheduled to Monday or Tuesday.

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