Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council is set to meet.

  • Sports betting in Tennessee became legal without the governor’s signature in May.
  • The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation is working with the Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council to develop regulations and licensing procedures.
  • Tennessee is the only state in the nation to legalize only online sportsbooks.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Regulations for sports betting in Tennessee have been somewhat stagnant since the activity was legalized in May. However, the first steps to establishing those regulations will occur this week when the Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council will conduct their first-ever meeting.

The council currently consists of eight members who will assist the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation in setting up rules, regulations, and license procedures for future Tennessee sportsbooks.

Members of the council were chosen by the state’s House majority leader, Senate majority leader, and governor. One of the most notable members includes Kandace Stewart, the business operations and external affairs director of the Memphis Grizzlies.

According to the Tennessee Lottery, the meeting will be held inside the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation Board room on November 21 at 10 a.m..

Tennessee is unique in that it is the lone state in the nation to only legalize online sportsbooks. Tennessee is also only one of two states that included a mandate for sportsbooks to use official league data to offer in-game betting.

The state has taken cautionary steps in order to comply with the specific instructions put in TN HB0001, the sports betting bill that became law in May.

In September, the Tennessee Education Lottery issued out a Request for Proposal in order to partner with a third-party company for the purpose of helping to vet through future sports wagering applications.

The Sports Wagering Advisory Council meetings are just another layer of protection to make sure the state launches its legal sports betting industry the right way.

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