Verizon is creating a 5G esports training facility for team Dignitas and this could be a good testing ground for 5G esports betting.

  • A new esports training facility for team Dignitas is opening up.
  • The training facility will implement Verizon’s 5G network.
  • It is possible that the new 5G network could make sports betting much easier.

LOS ANGELES – Team Dignitas announced on Thursday that they are working with Verizon to launch a 5G esports training facility.

Verizon is the first in the nation to develop a 5G network. In comparison, 5G is about 100 times faster than the 4G network. The latency for the 5G network is less than 10 milliseconds. This amount of speed will help a multitude of different industries.

Esports And 5G

“Partnering with a world innovator like Verizon brings immense new opportunities,” said Michael Prindiville, CEO of Dignitas. “The technologies we are collaboratively building will help us strengthen support for our current and future partners far beyond today’s capabilities. We are honored to be Verizon’s trusted guide into esports and look forward to telling engaging stories through content, social media and experiences in ways esports has never seen before.”

This training facility will have plenty for team Dignitas. There are specific computer setups set to help train their League of Legends team. There are many more computer setups for the Dignitas team to work as well. The entire facility will run on Verizon’s 5G network.

The esports industry relies on fast and reliable internet speed for a number of reasons. Players in the teams need to play online and be connected to managers of the team at all times. Social media is also essential for esports. Without a strong online presence, esports teams cannot receive sponsorships that they need to pay the bills.

Using 5G To Bet

This partnership between Verizon and Dignitas will allow 5G to be further developed. The 5G network will be good for the world of sports and esports betting as well.

Having a faster network will allow people who are live betting to get the odds faster than anyone else. With live wagering, even a few seconds can make the difference from a big payout to a small one. This is especially true if bettors are planning to bet on esports.

With this partnership with Dignitas, Verizon and other companies will likely roll out 5G even faster now. At this rate, nearly all new phones will have access to the 5G network sometime in 2020. That means that even faster sports betting is coming soon as well.

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