Sports betting bill WA HB 2638 is quickly moving through the Washington state legislation.

  • The state of Washington is closer than ever to legalized sports betting.
  • Bill WA HB 2638 would allow sportsbooks to open in Washington at Tribal casinos in the state.
  • With ten days left in the legislative session, the bill continues to pass through committees.

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Bill WA HB 2638 that would legalize sports betting in Washington passed in the Senate Committee of Ways & Means on Monday.

The bill was passed by a majority vote and will now move forward to the Senate Rules Committee for a second reading. WA HB 2638 passed in the House Rules Committee on February 13.

The Bill That Could Legalize Sports Betting In Washington

Bill WA HB 2638 continues to pass through committee hearings on its way to legalizing sports betting in Washington. Sportsbooks at Tribal casinos in the state would be eligible to open up if the bill was passed into law.

Only Tribal brick and mortar establishments could offer sports betting to their patrons. No internet or mobile platforms would be allowed with WA HB 2638.

Using the gaming compacts of the Tribes would be the route for which gambling on sporting events would work in the state.

The bill continues to move forward as there are only ten days left in the Evergreen State’s legislative session to make any progress for making WA HB 2638 a law. However, opposition from commercial gaming businesses continues to be a factor.

Maverick Gaming has stated that they will sue the state if WA HB 2638 becomes a law. They do not believe in the emergency clause that the bill has been under to move as quickly as it has.

The company plans to fight with the case being that gaming is not an emergency issue. In previous hearings, Maverick has asked to be included within the bill. Had they been, any impending legal problems for Washington could have been avoided.

Where Is WA HB 2638 Going Now?

After passing in the Ways & Means Committee by a majority vote, WA HB 2638 is headed to the Senate Rules Committee. It’s companion bill WA SB 6394 stalled out as of February 7.

With ten days left in the session, the Senate Committees need to move the bill forward if they plan on making it to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk in time. Should the bill pass and be signed by the Governor, Washington sports betting will be legal by the end of 2020 if not by the beginning of 2021, just in time for Super Bowl 55.

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