Donald Trump and Joe Biden

  • There are questions surrounding if one of the presidential candidates will drop out of the race before the election but both are favored on online sportsbook to not drop out of the race.
  • Either one of the candidates will be the oldest president to be elected to office and their future health has been a main reason for the questions.
  • With votes already being placed, it is a little too late to drop out of the race without huge confusion.

WASHINGTON – With twenty days left until Election Day skeptics have wondered if one of the presidential candidates would drop out of the race but as days go on it becomes less probable.

One of the big reasons for the thought of the two dropping out of the race to the Presidency has come from concerns of the aging candidates.

Both candidates have faced questions about the longevity of their health seeing that either one will become the oldest elected president upon election with Donald Trump holding the record from his first term.

Even with the news of President Trump testing positive for COVID-19 and being hospitalized, neither one of the candidates has indicated that their health and age would lead either of them to bow out of the race.

These are the odds on legal sports betting sites for if one of the presidential candidates will drop or of the 2020 Presidential election before the beginning of next month.

Will Joe Biden drop out before Nov 1 2020?

  • Yes +700
  • No -2500

Will Donald Trump drop out before Nov 1 2020?

  • Yes +1200
  • No -5000

It is a far stretch to think that either of the candidates would drop out of the race at this point or anytime before the start of November but if they did the process would get complicated.

If a presidential or vice presidential nominee were to drop out, the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee leadership would have to decide who replaces them according to the rules.

“(The party leadership) would choose someone, there would be a question of, ‘could you get that name on the ballot?’,” said John Fortier, election expert. “We are very tight now and that would depend on state laws. Some states would let you, others would not.”

Even at this point, ballots are being sent in with a definite majority of Americans placing a vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. A drop out right now is unlikely and would completely turn this race on its head but would fit in with the many unexpected situations to happen this year.

These are only some of the wild Presidential election odds that sportsbooks are hosting in anticipation of election day.

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