Soccer fan stops to enjoy the action in a TV store show room. Will sports betting programming take over television?

  • Many television networks are building studios inside casinos that will film daily sports betting shows.
  • Alternative broadcasts provide bettors in a regional area a look into live sports mixed with sports betting.
  • Apps are also being developed where users can watch games on their phones while also betting on them.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Sports betting has found its popularity in the country and every business in every state that has legalized the industry is looking for ways to capitalize on the gambling hobby.

Television is one of the markets that has yet to really take off but has all of the necessary frameworks in place to do so. The money willing to be spent by media companies to include sports betting coverage on their platforms only goes to show how engaging it is for the viewer, ultimately increasing their own ratings.

“Things have been moving very quickly, and we haven’t seen something having an impact on sports broadcasting in a very long time,” said Dan Pozner, NBC Sports’ sports betting content director.

Alternative broadcasts have been created in areas like Washington DC and Pennsylvania allowing fans of teams to watch a betting-favored display over the normal broadcast. These feeds display statistics, betting help, and odds for bettors to take note of while the game is being played.

In essence, the alternative feeds were designed to increase viewership by incorporating sports betting. But will these alternative feeds just become “the feed” in the future?

“Maybe the commentary would be more gambling centric or there would be a way for you to play a game. I could see that happening,” said Fred Gaudelli, NBS Sports’ executive producer on a conference call Tuesday night.

Many networks have already begun providing daily sports betting shows such as “Lock It In” (Fox Sports 1), “Daily Wager” (ESPN2), and “Follow The Money” (NESN).

The latter of those shows was launched by VSiN – a gambling news network started by Brent Musburger in 2017. However, these types of shows, despite being gambling-focused will have to make sure to not turn off non-gamblers.

“You have to make sure the casual fans understand what is being said, and this can include the content on the broadcast or website,” said Pozner. “We don’t want those not into sports betting to feel like they’re not part of the conversation.”

Many also believe the shows must be aware of the addictive nature of gambling and be able to support those in need. Something as simple as offering a hotline for gambling addiction services or covering stories regarding some of the negatives of sports betting also keeps the information accurate.

Either way, this love for sports betting isn’t going anywhere but can it be too much? On the same NBC Sports conference call, Al Michaels explained that it can never get bigger than the game itself.

“If you get overwhelmed about all this craziness about betting on a run or pass on third down, to me you’re just losing the essence of why you’re playing these games in the first place,” said Michaels.

Still, the engagement is there, which means these media companies will not stop expanding their offering of sports betting coverage. These types of outlets were not available in the past, and it creates a sizeable opportunity for companies to make another profitable name for themselves.

The focus now turns to apps that allow you to watch broadcasts as well as bet on them. Bettors in Europe have had access to one app that allows the user to do both and that feature is already headed into the US.

With FanDuel in connection with Sportradar AG, the media and sports betting industry are coming together, removing the distinction altogether.

Due to licensing rights and restrictions, FanDuel Sportsbook only offers their gamblers to watch and bet on tennis and a few international soccer leagues.

But maybe, sometime soon in the future, everyone will be able to keep their heads in their phones even more, by betting and watching a sport such as the NFL or NBA.

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