Taysom Hill will start at quarterback in place of an injured Drew Brees in Week 11.

  • The New Orleans Saints have announced that Taysom Hill will be starting at quarterback in Week 11 with Drew Brees sidelined.
  • Taysom Hill is listed as a tight end priced at $4,500 on FanDuel.
  • ESPN season-long fantasy football leagues have Hill listed as both a quarterback and tight end.

NEW ORLEANS—The New Orleans Saints have shocked the NFL as they announced that Taysom Hill will be stepping in as the replacement for Drew Brees during their Week 11 matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

This comes as a surprise to many as Hill is used more as a “swiss army knife” where he lines up just about anywhere on the field. Being that he is starting now at quarterback, his fantasy value now skyrockets depending on which DFS site and season-long fantasy site is used as well.

Value On Daily Fantasy Sites

The two daily fantasy sites that fantasy GM’s draft towards are FanDuel and DraftKings. In Week 11 of the season, these two sites have one big difference and that is how Taysom Hill is listed on their sites.

Starting with FanDuel, Hill is listed as just a tight end here and his asking price is at $4,500. This should have fantasy GM’s jumping at the opportunity to draft him at the position as he will offer quarterback like numbers at a tight end position that has been awful in the 2020 season with the exception of certain players.

His matchup in Week 11 with the Atlanta Falcons should also have GM’s jumping for joy as the Falcons allow the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks at 26.8 points per game.

As for his DraftKings value, it is not as high as it is on FanDuel being that he is only listed as a quarterback here. As mentioned before his matchup with Atlanta plays a significant role in his value as well.

Also, the fact that he lines up anywhere on the field could also add value to his DK stock as he could have the opportunity to go for a receiving or rushing touchdown which are worth more than passing ones.

Season Long Fantasy Value

Hill certainly adds value on season-long fantasy teams as well but it is only for the time being until Drew Brees returns from his injury which is at least two weeks according to team officials.

With that said, Hill would be a great option for those that are streaming quarterbacks no matter which site GM’s are using. However, the main difference between Yahoo and ESPN fantasy leagues on the situation is that on Yahoo, Hill is listed as just a quarterback while on ESPN he can be played as either a quarterback or tight end.

He might be a riskier pick up on Yahoo leagues as he does not carry the same value as he does on DraftKings being that there are other proven starting quarterbacks out there that have proven more than Hill.

His value on ESPN though is astronomical for the time being as, like FanDuel, he can be played at the tight end slot and offer quarterback numbers at a tight end slot that has seen one of its worst years. He would be a great option for those fantasy owners that stream a tight end from week to week until Brees comes back.

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