Best Super Bowl betting options for New Yorkers.

  • The Super Bowl is the most wagered on sporting event for the entire year.
  • New York has very limited sports betting options.
  • Most people from New York City will travel to New Jersey to bet on sports.

NEW YORK – Sports betting might not be available in New York City, but that will not stop people from betting on Super Bowl LIV. With over 10 retail sportsbooks located throughout upstate New York and an abundance of both retail and mobile sports wagering options in New Jersey, NYC residents will not be short of options.

No Betting In The City

New York sports betting is completely legal. But that does not mean that betting in New York City is possible. The reason for that is that currently, only retail sportsbooks are legal in the state.

This, of course, can change in the future. Lawmakers in the state have introduced legislation that would legalize online and mobile sports betting. But none of that will pass before the start of Super Bowl 54.

For now, the only retail sportsbooks that are in New York are upstate with the closest one being at Resorts World Catskills. That casino sportsbook is located about an hour and a half away from the City and for many New Yorkers, that is simply too far to make a bet on Super Bowl 54.

The biggest promotions they are currently running is the Pick a Porsche giveaway. Players card members will earn entries for any casino games they play. Those entries are multiplied on Sunday’s so those attending Resorts World Catskills to bet on the Super Bowl can also play other games and earn extra entries.

Heading To Jersey

A large chunk of New Yorkers will likely head to New Jersey to make a bet on the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers. There are a couple of different reasons for this. The FanDuel Sportsbook in Meadowlands is only about 30 minutes away from NYC. Comparatively, the Meadowlands is much closer to NYC than any instate sportsbook.

That is not the only thing that draws people from New York City to New Jersey. Unlike New York, New Jersey has statewide online sports betting available. People in the state can sign up and make a bet as soon as they are in New Jersey borders. In fact, many New Yorkers are making their bets near train stations in New Jersey.

New Yorkers are using online sportsbooks like FanDuel as soon as they enter state borders. FanDuel is even incentivizing more people to sign up for their online sportsbook. One promotion FanDuel has involves a customer’s first bet. Any customer that signs up can bet risk-free for up to $500. This extends into betting on Super Bowl 54 as well.

Bonuses such as these are common for most online sportsbooks whether they are based in the U.S. or based overseas. The only way it gets easier for NYC residents is for them to sign up for offshore sportsbooks.

New York is missing out on a large amount of taxable sports betting revenue due to a lack of online betting. In a recent survey conducted by The American Gaming Association, the organization showed that about 5 million Americans will bet on this year’s Super Bowl no matter if they are using state based-platforms or other online betting sites.

Billions will be wagered on the Big Game and the state currently stands to miss out on a big chunk of that money. New Yorkers will most likely be betting in New Jersey and/or going online rather than going upstate to make their bets.

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