The New York Yankees

  • The New York Yankees have won 12 consecutive games and 20 of their last 25 overall.
  • The San Francisco Giants currently have the best record in the MLB and have won 18 of their last 23 games.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers have won 18 of their last 22 games and have the shortest World Series betting odds at (+300).

LAS VEGAS – The MLB playoffs are set to begin in just a little over a month. As the end of the regular season gets closer, it may be beneficial for sports bettors to look at who’s playing the best baseball in the league to determine if the futures odds are worth betting on before a possible shift.

New York Yankees: 12-Straight Wins

There’s a fair case to be made that the New York Yankees are the best team in baseball, at least over the last two weeks. The Yankees’ last loss was in the Field of Dreams game on August 12 but they have since rattled off 12-straight wins.

The Bronx Bombers are still four games back from the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East and have (+275) odds to win the division but as the top-seeded team in the wild card race, their shot at making the playoffs looks very likely. However, regulated sports betting sites still list them as the seventh choice to win the World Series.

  • New York Yankees +800

San Francisco Giants: Most Underrated Team In Baseball?

The San Francisco Giants have the best record in the MLB and have a 2.5-game lead in the division, but MLB betting sites still list the team as (+120) underdogs to win the NL West.

With the best record in baseball and the recent run of having won 18 of their last 23 games, it would make sense for the Giants to be at the top of the World Series odds boards but that is not the case. Sportsbooks list San Francisco as their fifth choice on the MLB list to win the World Series.

  • San Francisco Giants +650

The Giants may be the best bet in all of baseball at the moment as they’re continuously being undervalued despite proving time and time again that they’re deserving of being considered an elite team.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Overall Favorite

The reason why the Giants are not favored in the division is because of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers’ roster isn’t even at full strength and is still considered to be the best in the league by a nice margin.

Los Angeles is the (-175) favorites in the NL West even though they are trailing by 2.5 games and are the (+140) favorites to represent the National League in the World Series. Furthermore, online sportsbooks have the Dodgers as the favorites to win the World Series.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +300

Given that LA has won 18 of their last 22 games and has the second-best record in the MLB, it’s tough to argue against them being the favorites, but it is also reasonable to say the gap should be much closer between some of the other teams involved in the race to the end.

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