Donald Trump and Bill Barr

  • “Yes” is favored at -150 for “Will Donald Trump Fire Bill Barr Via Twitter?” at online sportsbooks.
  • Donald Trump famously fired Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Chris Krebs via his Twitter for claiming there was no voter fraud.
  • Trump is upset with Barr for not proving voter fraud in court.

WASHINGTON – Sports bettors are putting action on the fate of Attorney General Bill Barr and whether or not President Donald Trump will fire him via Twitter.

The President has been known for using Twitter as his go-to platform throughout his Presidency. Barr is on the outs with Trump for failing to prove voter fraud in the Supreme Court.

The 2020 US Presidential Election is the gift that keeps on giving for political bettors. There seems to be no shortage of action at online sportsbooks.

You’re Fired!

Sports bettors are seemingly going all-in on Trump firing Barr via Twitter. “Yes” is the clear favorite at legal sports betting sites.

Will Donald Trump Fire Bill Barr Via Twitter?

  • Yes -150
  • No +110

Political bettors have good reason to feel this way. President Trump just recently fired Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, for claiming there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could have affected the result of the election.

The President has not been quiet about his unhappiness with Barr. Many close to the Trump administration are counting down the days until the President ultimately parts with his Attorney General.

Like Krebs before him, Barr has publicly denounced there being evidence of substantial voter fraud, to the dismay of the Trump Administration.

“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” said Barr.

Public statements like that have Barr on the outs with the President. While Trump has not specifically stated he will fire Barr as of yet, he has expressed his frustrations very publicly.

When asked if he was still confident in his Attorney General, Trump was reluctant to give a solid answer.

“Ask me that in a number of weeks from now,” said Trump when asked if he still has confidence in Barr. “They should be looking at all of this fraud. This is not civil. This is criminal stuff. This is very bad, criminal stuff.”

Trump may not have to do the firing, however, as Bill Barr is considering leaving before Trump’s term ends. Barr clearly sees the writing on the wall for his future in the White House.

For now, Barr remains the Attorney General and the Trump Administration has continued its fight to prove voter fraud. It seems the Presidential Election will continue to supply sports bettors with action for the foreseeable future.

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