DraftKings wants to offer esports betting in Iowa

  • DraftKings wants to offer esports betting odds in Iowa.
  • The lack of traditional sports is making it hard for DraftKings to offer bets online.
  • Esports events are still operating as normal, giving the opportunity for DraftKings to offer lines.

DES MOINES, Iowa – DraftKings is petitioning to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) to allow esports betting to happen in the Hawkeye State.

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, none of the major sports leagues in the United States are operating. There are very minor soccer and table tennis games happening in eastern Europe, but these lines are hardly ever offered.

For DraftKings, they need to make up for lost revenue due to the lack of legal sports betting. Thankfully for them, various esports events are still operating as normal. Due to the nature of video games, esports matches can be played remotely. That means esports events are safe for all parties involved.

Since esports matches are continuing as normal, DraftKings wants to offer esports betting options on their online Iowa sportsbook.

But the results of the petition will completely depend on the IRGC. The IRGC set a remote meeting on Thursday to discuss the petition brought up by DraftKings.

What Esports Betting In Iowa Could Look Like

If esports betting is allowed in Iowa, esports betting could take a couple of different forms. For example, it is possible that the IRGC could allow esports betting, but will only approve bets on an event by event basis. That would limit the number of events DraftKings can list odds for, which would not be too helpful in the long run.

The IRGC could also allow esports betting but just for certain tournaments. For example, the League of Legends LCS Spring 2020 Playoffs are happening right now. If the IRGC allows bets on the whole event, then DraftKings can offer odds on all the matches.

What would be most optimal for DraftKings is the IRGC allowing for sweeping esports betting regulations. This means that DraftKings is free to put esports odds on whatever event that is currently happening. No matter what happens, allowing for esports betting would be beneficial for DraftKings and their users stuck at home.

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