Sportsradar partners with the XFL to collect accurate game data.

  • XFL stats and data will be tracked and recorded by Sportsradar.
  • Having accurate XFL data is essential for XFL betting.
  • Sportsradar will be providing the data to various media outlets.

STAMFORD, Conn.Sportsradar announced last week that they will provide sports betting stats and data for XFL games.

Sportsradar is one of the world’s leaders in sports data collection. Since the XFL is an entirely new league, they are working with Sportsradar to have them provide accurate data to media outlets. But, could this effect XFL betting as well?

Accurate Data Is Essential

The XFL had its inaugural games this past weekend. Due to how new the league was, fans who were watching might have been confused on what is happening. Afterall, the XFL has different rules when compared to the NFL.

This could lead to confusion for various media outlets trying to report on XFL games. That is why the XFL has partnered with Sportsradar to provide these outlets with accurate data on their games.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the XFL in its inaugural season as an official sports data partner,” said Steve Byrd, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships at Sportradar. “There is a big appetite amongst the media industry for the XFL’s official data. We’re looking forward to delivering this coveted content to our media partners and, ultimately, the fans.”

With accurate data, media companies will be able to provide correct information about XFL games. Having this accurate information is essential to the new fledgling league to survive beyond one season.

Sports Betting And Data

Having accurate data for XFL games is not only useful for media outlets. Those interested in  legal sports betting need accurate data as well.

Throughout its development, commissioners of the league have been promoting XFL betting. For XFL betting to be successful, bettors need to know what exactly they are putting money on.

It would be difficult for a bettor to put action on a team or game if they are not sure what is happening on screen. With Sportsradar providing that information, bettors can make more accurate wagers on what is happening. That will lead to more profits which could lead to a new XFL fan. If that happens, the chances the XFL survives increases as well.

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