Odds makers have placed odds on the fate of ESPN.com during the coronavirus sports shutdown.

  • Sportsbooks have released odds on if ESPN will be on the top 30 websites or not by the end of this month.
  • Major American sports, including the NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS have been suspended due to the coronavirus.

BRISTOL, Ct.—As all major sports that were in season having been suspended due to the spread of coronavirus, sportsbooks have released odds on whether or not the ESPN website will fall out of the top 30 sites by April 1, 2020.

ESPN Falling?

Legal sports betting sites have released one of the more concerning bets for sports fans. Sadly, for sports fans, the odds are in favor of ESPN falling out at -230 while the odds of them staying in the top 30 are +170.

They are currently sitting at number 28 on the list according to Alexa.com, but the prop bet is whether or not they will fall out by April 1. Unfortunately, if there are no sports, they will likely be falling out of the top 30 sites by then.

For now, the bet could really go either way. ESPN is making an effort to try and keep sports fans entertained. On Sunday they have ESPN Ocho streaming all day with unusual and out of the ordinary sports that fans can watch.

They are also trying to keep fans up to date with the coronavirus and how it is affecting the sports world and the leagues that have suspended play.

It also is not like they have nothing to stream or report on either. They have been streaming old sporting games as well in an effort to keep fans on their site. Going back to the virus, they have also been reporting what players and coaches have been infected as well.

The NFL free agency period is also keeping football fans tuned in to see the latest moves that their favorite teams and players are making.

The Reality

ESPN has had to improvise just as sportsbooks have had to improvise as well. However, the sustainability of it can really only go so far.

The NBA has suspended its season indefinitely with the hopes to return in late summer. The same goes for the NHL. The MLS has suspended its season indefinitely with no clear timeline for a return.

The NCAA has canceled all spring and winter sports, meaning only football season could return but that won’t be until September. Unfortunately for ESPN, the odds set are for April 1. Bettors have every reason to believe that the odds for ESPN to fall out of the top 30 sites is a reasonable bet to take.

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