Blue Wire and Wynn Resorts have partnered.

  • Wynn Resorts has invested in the popular sports podcast Blue Wire.
  • Blue Wire will run a sports podcast in a studio at the Wynn Resorts Las Vegas.
  • The podcast will promote WynnBET, the sports betting mobile app.

LAS VEGAS – Wynn Resorts will now be promoting their WynnBET mobile sportsbook through popular sports podcast network Blue Wire.

Blue Wire will now be recording their sports podcast at the Wynn Resorts Las Vegas with an exclusive studio in the lobby of the resort.

Each show will see the Blue Wire promote the legal sports betting by using odds directly from the WynnBET sportsbook. This is yet another sign of sports betting and sports entertainment continuing to go hand in hand.

WynneBet Podcast

Wynn Resorts invested $3.5 million into the popular podcast network to bring them to the studio lobby. The expected result is that fans of the sports podcast will use WynnBet as their wagering choice after listening to the odds from Blue Wire.

Blue Wire has been working to expand in recent months, already securing $5 million In series A funding prior to the Wynn Resorts deal and now continuing their company growth in Las Vegas.

“Team will hire staff on both the operations and talent side based in Vegas,” said Kevin Jones, CEO of Blue Wire. “Wynn will receive equity through this investment as well as some in-podcast ads, and the two groups will also collaborate on a branded podcast for WynnBet. Billings and Jones declined to share details about the branded show other than to say it’ll have a “deep level of storytelling” that’s “entertaining” and “compelling.”

The popular podcast network has over 140 shows that are all hyper-focused on sports. These shows will now be using odds directly from WynnBET going forward.

Similar to how popular sports betting shows use odds when discussing upcoming games and matchups, Blue Wire shows will do the same, simultaneously promoting WynnBETwhile informing their fans.

This is a major step for Blue Wire as well as a big move for Wynn Resorts. The promotion of their mobile sportsbook through the podcast network should see an influx in new players going forward.

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