Wyoming Sports Betting

  • Wyoming lawmakers have voted and approved the regulation rules for sports betting.
  • The Wyoming Gaming Commission is aiming to have sports betting launch before the September 9 NFL season start date.
  • Sports betting in Wyoming will be more open than any other state in terms of regulations.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Wyoming betting fans are only a few weeks away from seeing a local sports betting market thanks to the approval of the betting regulations by the Wyoming Gaming Commission.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed the sports betting bill into law back in April and the commission has been working ever since to finalize the rules for the market.

Sports betting in Wyoming will be unique compared to other markets with how open betting will be, which could possibly have an effect on the entire market should Wyoming see major success.

Sports Betting In Wyoming Incoming

With the passing of HB 133, Wyoming became the first state to legalize sports betting in 2021. This bill allows mobile betting only, with no retail sportsbooks incoming, and also hosts unlimited operators.

Wyoming is only the second market to have unlimited sports betting applications. Tennessee, the other market with unlimited operator licenses, is also mobile and online only.

Wyoming is changing the mold with its market, however, becoming the first regulated state to allow sportsbooks to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will be able to be used to both fund and collect from regulated sportsbooks.

“I think that Wyoming legislators are getting more comfortable with cryptocurrency as the issue evolves in our state,” said Jeff Wasserburger, state senator (R-Gillette) and one of the bill’s sponsors.

This isn’t the only way Wyoming is setting itself apart, however, as Wyoming is one of the few states to accept sports bettors under 21. The legal sports betting age in Wyoming is set at 18.

How This Will Affect The Market?

Wyoming is likely a test run for a lot of things. Firstly, other markets will surely be looking to see how cryptocurrencies are used in Wyoming. If Wyoming sees an influx of action from betting fans compared to other markets, they may follow suit and allow crypto to be used at their local sportsbooks.

Markets will likely not lower their betting age to 18 like Wyoming, but states who have yet to launch may consider it.

Casino-heavy states like Nevada likely will keep things at 21 due to having bars in casinos, but mobile-only markets without such concerns may view 18 as a safe age for legal sports betting if Wyoming does not run into problems in their market.

With the NFL season starting on September 9, fans have only a few weeks before they can truly see how impactful sports betting in Wyoming becomes.

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