XFL gambling is off to a good start with sports bettors.

  • Sports Betting on the XFL was up and surpassing expectations after its first weekend.
  • The handle for Saturday’s games was 20 times the number of bets that the AAF took in for their first two games.
  • Sports betting lines are listed on television screens for viewers to place bets as they watch.

NEW YORK – The first weekend of eXtreme Football League (XFL) play went very well for sportsbooks as sports bettors took to the game. Not only were television ratings higher than expected, but bets on the games also exceeded expectations.

The XFL was able to take more bets in the first weekend than the combined total for the first and only season of the Alliance of American Football (AAF) in 2019.

Lines Are Up!

One reason that there could have been so much interest in betting on the games is that networks were posting lines as they were happening for bettors to be aware of the current numbers. Not only would this allow for more viewership but more people would put action on the match they’re watching when the odds are all right in front of them.

“We are embracing the spread from the start,” said Jeffrey Pollack, the league’s president and chief operating officer. “This is a core business strategy for the XFL. We understand that for a lot of our fans, betting on the games has become as essential to the game experience as the helmet, ball, and jerseys. That’s what we’re gearing up to provide. Our mission and our infrastructure are geared to the sports-betting future that is coming fast. There are incredible opportunities.”

And the opportunities have paid off after only one week. Sportsbooks across the board were reporting above-average handles for the matchups. They compared the amount of business on the games like that of a UFC fight.

That’s a great start for the league that has only just begun their reboot after a twenty-year period of rest. Their one and only season in 2001 was unsuccessful.

XFL Betting is just getting started and the new rules and marketing techniques are paying off for founder Vince McMahon who has millions invested in this league. Sportsbooks are excited to see if the interest in the XFL continues to pay off or if it was a one-hit-wonder of a debut weekend.

Those interested in betting on the XFL can so in person at Mississippi, Arkansas, Delaware, and New York locations. Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey all have internet mobile XFL betting for their residents.

All other bettors nationwide are left with alternate internet sportsbooks to bet on the games.

There are nine weeks left in the season. Two games take place on Saturdays and two games happen on Sundays. Sports bettors will have their weekends filled with football for the early part of this year’s spring.

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