Map highlighting all of the swing states in the U.S.

  • The 2020 Presidential Election is seven months away and sportsbooks have listed odds on which candidate will win in the Electoral College vote of the election.
  • Swing states are notorious for having a big influence on the outcome of an election which is why candidates want to win over these states during their campaigns.
  • Odds for winners of the Electoral College vote by state are listed on sports betting websites for wagers.
  • Odds for which presidential candidate wins Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania will be pivotal.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – There are numerous odds up on sportsbooks for bets nationwide centering around the winner of the Electoral College vote for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Bettors have the opportunity to gamble on which candidate will win the Electoral vote with each state across the country. As with all presidential elections, the swing states carry the most weight because they tend to “swing” the results of an election in one way or another due to the number of delegates they are given.

Sports betting sites have listed the odds for each state for political enthusiasts to wager on Electoral College outcomes.

How The Electoral College Vote Works

What does the Electoral College vote mean? While the public votes in November for the candidate that they’d like to become the President of the United States, members of the Electoral College do not meet until December to vote. There are a total of 538 members of the College and a candidate needs a minimum of 270 votes to win an election.

There are 12 swing states and even if a nominee receives zero votes by the people in a maximum of 39 of the 50 states yet wins over 11 of the 12 states in the Electoral College vote, they’d win the presidency.

While the College typically votes how the majority of the constituents in their respective states have, they could always choose to go the other way with it if they wanted to.

Swing State Odds For The 2020 Presidential Election Electoral College Vote

Of all the swing states, there are three states that typically wind up playing major roles come election time. Florida is always a headliner for Presidential Elections.

In terms of their Electoral College odds, current President Donald Trump is favored to win Florida with odds of -180 while former Vice President Joe Biden has odds of +135. The Sunshine State accounts for a total of 29 of all Electoral College votes.

Another big swing state is Ohio where Trump is the favorite with odds of -200 to win and Biden is the underdog with odds of +150. Ohio has 18 votes given to them by the College. And a third swing state that counts heavily toward the overall election is Pennsylvania which carries 20 votes.

Bookmakers have listed the Electoral College winner of Pennsylvania as Joe Biden with odds of -200 and Trump with odds of +150.

In The End

“Swing states are the most critical states in the upcoming election. They’re essentially the tipping point of who’s going to win the electoral college, then win the presidency,” said Marisa Kanof, Swing Left National Field Director. “You look at the 50 states and you have the 15-20 that Democrats are going to win and the 15-20 that Republicans are going to win. These states in the middle…you win enough of them and you win the presidency.”

Legal sports betting sites have more than just swing states with odds on the election open for bets. However, whenever a Presidential Election is split, it’s swing states that usually decide which candidate will win a spot in the Oval Office for the next four years.

Electoral College votes matter and which way the states will swing is any one’s guess. However, bookmakers have crunched the numbers to make that guess a bit easier for bettors nationwide that are gambling on the election.

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