Travis Kelce and George Kittle are fan favorites and bettors darlings headed into the super bowl.

  • Both Travis Kelce and George Kittle are seeing major action on their receiving yardage Super Bowl player prop.
  • With both of these tight ends falling in production as of late, bettors may find they made the wrong decision.
  • Fading the public is a popular sports betting mindset that is being presented with a perfect opportunity.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Anyone who played fantasy football this year knows that the first two tight ends taking off the board should have been Travis Kelce and George Kittle.

Whether or not those in the league decided to take these two All-Pros first and second remains to be seen, but those betting on the Super Bowl are no longer holding back.

According to Super Bowl betting data provided by FanDuel Sportsbook, both Kelce and Kittle are receiving heavy action on a certain player prop: receiving yards.

What Is Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl Receiving Prop?

With both player’s over under set at a 74.5-yards, FanDuel Super Bowl bettors have not been shy to take the Over. So much, in fact, that for Kelce, roughly 88% of bettors selected the over.

This makes perfect sense, as even with flu-like symptoms and an aggravated knee, Kelce has been the focal point of the Chiefs’ offense. Posting his fourth-straight season of 1000 receiving yards or more, Kelce is no stranger to big games in the playoffs.

Over the span of his eight playoff games, Kelce has collected over 74.5 receiving yards in half of those instances. The other four games left Kelce finishing the game with receiving yards of 23, 66, 23, and 30.

Kelce has been targeted only five times or less in three of those games, however, those three playoff games have been over the course of the last five played.

Bettors may have overplayed their hand on this Super Bowl player prop bet. In the last six games Kelce has played (both regular reason and postseason), the tight end has collected over 74.5 yards in only one game – the divisional round against the Houston Texans.

However, let us not forget about George Kittle. With a torn labrum in his right shoulder, Kittle is still expected to play in the Super Bowl. Still, bettors at FanDuel are placing a whopping 98% of the action on the over.

If there was ever a time to fade the public, being the $1 out of every $25 seems like the time to do it.

Can Kittle Be Productive With Jimmy G At Quarterback?

With a quarterback who has thrown the ball 27 times over the last two playoff games, Kittle has taken in 35 receiving yards, total. Kittle has been targeted six times in this span, leaving online sportsbooks questioning why Super Bowl bettors are taking the over on Kittle’s production.

On a positive side, Kittle has been on the field for 96% of the Niners’ offensive snaps, but it almost seems unreal that his production hasn’t matched his regular-season performances.

Averaging 75.2 yards per game in the regular season, Kittle broke the projected mark for his Super Bowl receiving yards seven times. Keep in mind that three of those times were to close out the season, so the minor drop in production may be looking to reverse course.

Either way, bettors have been placing all of their action on the over for these two tight ends. Both of them are in the upper-middle of the pack to win the MVP, though Kittle (+1800) and Kelce (+2200) will have to certainly catch a few touchdowns as well as break their expected receiving yardage prop.

As the Super Bowl is only a day away, it won’t be too much longer of a waiting game; however, those who bet the over on Kittle and Kelce may soon find out they have made a terrible decision.

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