Sports betting looks to be offered at future Nebraska casinos.

  • Nebraska is getting closer to seeing a legal sports betting market through NE LB561, a bill that would legalize the industry for the state.
  • NE LB561 continues to see a positive trajectory within the Nebraska Legislature.
  • This legislation would allow for retail-only sportsbooks in Nebraska.

OMAHA, Neb. – A bill that would legalize forms of gambling including sports betting in Nebraska moved forward in the Nebraska Legislature last week after a vote by lawmakers of 37-5 in favor of the legislation.

While the proposal was initially meant to help implement a structure for the newly legal casinos of Nebraska, it added the sports wagering market as an available offering at these future locations.

NE LB561 is the bill that has been making its way through the 2021 Nebraska Legislature.

In November, the Cornhusker State had residents vote on a constitutional amendment that would allow for casinos to become legal statewide. Once the numbers were in, with the majority of Nebraskans wishing to have casinos in the state, the 2021 session has been set on coming up with the landscape for the new industry which is where NE LB 561 comes into play.

What’s Mentioned In The Bill & What’s Next

Mobile sportsbooks are not a part of NE LB561. All sports betting would need to be done at the casinos.

Sports bettors would have to be at least 21 to participate in any type of gambling that will be introduced like that of wagering on sports. All prop bets for athletes under 18 are prohibited as well as betting on any state college sports. Other collegiate sports in the nation are open for wagers.

Professional sporting events will also be available for action without any bans for these organizations mentioned. The future sportsbook venues at the casinos will not be accepting credit cards as a form of payment as this is prohibited via the current legislation.

If the bill should pass with the inclusion of gambling on sports, the Nebraska Gaming Commission and the Nebraska Racing Commission would become one entity to oversee all of the gaming industries in the state.

Electronic keno would be made available but bars that would be licensed to offer this to patrons must only use electronic tickets for the game and not paper ones. Slot machines and some card games are mentioned in the proposal for casinos to have at their establishments for customers to play.

Final Notes

Legal sports betting in Nebraska is an industry that has been trying to receive approvals from the legislature since 2018 when PASPA was repealed. NE LB561 and its progression is a major step for the potential market to become a real one in the Cornhusker State.

There is no date set on the schedule for the next hearing of NE LB561. The legislative session in Nebraska adjourns on June 10 for 2021.

More meetings and votes will be needed for this bill before then to find out exactly where the subject of legal sports betting will land for Nebraskans in 2021.

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