The NFL schedule is now available

  • The NFL schedule was released on Thursday Night displaying many games where MVP candidates will face off.
  • Week 3 will feature two non-conference showdowns between Dak Prescott vs Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes vs Lamar Jackson.
  • With a tough road schedule, the MVP odds for Prescott (+1400) may not be worthwhile to lock in; however, the longshot odds on Brees (+1800) may be.

MIAMI – With the NFL scheduled released on Thursday night, sports bettors are already eyeing in the on the games that matter.

The teams projected to finish with the most wins on the year have now seen their slate of games, giving legal sports bettors a look into how the betting odds on the NFL are playing out already.

NFL Teams With The Highest Over-Under

  • Kansas City Chiefs Over 11.5 wins (-125)
  • Baltimore Ravens Over 11.5 wins (-115)
  • San Francisco 49ers Over 10.5 wins (-125)
  • New Orleans Saints Over 10.5 wins (-115)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over 9.5 wins (-140)
  • Dallas Cowboys Over 9.5 wins (-135)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Over 9.5 wins (+110)

One thing that most of the teams share is a dominant quarterback on their roster. With four of the top six candidates for MVP being on NFL rosters with the highest win total, bettors should certainly lookout for these head-to-head battles to help figure out the eventual MVP.

Using The NFL Season To Bet On The MVP

As Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson lead the MVP race, other names like Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray fall just after the AFC titans. Mahomes (+500) is in a comfortable lead with Jackson (+750) just behind.

The odds start to break into bigger payouts down the chain, as Wilson (+900), Murray (+1200), Tom Brady (+1200), and Dak Prescott (+1400) round out the leaderboard.

However, now that the NFL schedule has been released, who has the best chance to win the MVP? It will certainly come down to the overall season but also the games in which these candidates play against each other. With that, there are six games on the season (that are not conference games) in which these NFL MVP candidates will get to show their skills.

Week 3: Cowboys At Seahawks – 4:25 p.m. EST

This Week 3 matchup will feature Dak Prescott against Russell Wilson. Dallas got the best of Seattle in the NFC Wild Card Playoffs two seasons ago – their last time playing – thanks to a two-touchdown fourth quarter by the Cowboys.

Scoring was low in this game, as half of the points were scored in the last quarter but all eyes will certainly be on Wilson versus Prescott this time around.

Over the last three matchups these teams have played (dating back to December 2017), the Seahawks have won two of them – though no winning team has exceeded 24 points. Dallas has been favored two of the three times (by 2.5 in 2019 and by 4.5 in 2017). When playing in Seattle in 2018, the Seahawks were favored by 1 point.

Week 3 MNF: Chiefs At Ravens – 8:15 p.m. EST

What can NFL bettors ask for other than an early primetime battle between the last two NFL MVPs. Over the last two games that featured these two quarterbacks head to head, the Chiefs got the better of the Ravens in both instances.

As a younger quarterback, Jackson fell only three points short in their first meeting (Dec 9, 2018) but was almost blown out in their Sep 22, 2019 game against the Chiefs last season. Thanks to some late fourth-quarter scoring, the 17-point game became only a five-point Chiefs victory.

The two teams have each covered the spread once, though KC was favored in both instances by at least four points. With the over hitting in both matchup, NFL bettors should definitely write this game in their calendar with a pen. This could be the game that determines it all.

Week 6 MNF: Cardinals At Cowboys – 8:15 p.m. EST

With Kyler Murray’s offense now a scary force to reckon with, the Cardinals have seen their win total and betting odds move higher up the odds board. Playing in Dallas is no easy feat but Murray is used to the Texas lights when he played at Oklahoma two seasons ago.

These two quarterbacks have never faced off head to head, but Arizona has seemed to get the better of the ‘Boys over the last decade – winning four of the last five (with two of those going to OT). Still, these are very different teams since their last meeting on Sep 25, 2017, and the betting lines will be interesting to see.

Week 12: Chiefs At Buccaneers – 4:25 p.m. EST

We have a rematch of Brady vs Mahomes but this time Brady is a Buccaneer. Playing in Tampa Bay, Brady will likely get the nod on the betting line, though at this point in the season, it will be hard to grasp.

Still, with the three previous matchups between these two QBs, the Patriots under Brady got the better of Mahomes. With a new team around him, Brady should be able to find the necessary targets to keep the winning record over Mahomes, though there are no betting lines currently that indicate which way oddsmakers are headed.

Week 13 TNF: Cowboys At Ravens – 8:20 p.m. EST

For A Thursday Night Football game, these two will both have a full week of rest after playing on Thursday in Week 12 for the Thanksgiving Games. These teams haven’t played since 2016, but the Ravens hold the all-time record (dating back to 2000) 4-1.

None of the historical meetings mean anything at this point with these two leaders now at the helm. At this point in the season, Prescott could be making his case for the MVP award, and the odds will definitely shift in support or against him after this game.

Those betting on the NFL MVP must stay alert to this game, as Jackson’s back-to-back MVP season hopes may lie in the Cowboys’ hands.

Week 15: Chiefs At Saints – 4:25 p.m. EST

With only three games to be played heading into this matchup, Mahomes and Brees may be looking to solidify their season or legacy, respectively. Brees has never won the NFL MVP and in what is potentially his last NFL season, this game could mean it all.

These two QBs have never faced off head to head but in the Super Dome, it is assumed that the Saints will be favored. Still, at this point in the season, both will likely have their playoff spots locked up and sights set on the Super Bowl, so proving who is the better quarterback may be the only thing to prove in Week 15.

Other NFL Games Of Note For MVP Award:

  • Week 1: Buccaneers at Saints
  • Week 6: Packers at Buccaneers
  • Week 6: Ravens at Eagles
  • Week 8: Cowboys at Eagles (SNF)
  • Week 9: Packers at 49ers (TNF)
  • Week 9: Saints at Buccaneers (SNF)
  • Week 11: Cardinals at Seahawks (TNF)
  • Week 12: Seahawks at Eagles (MNF)
  • Week 14: Saints at Eagles
  • Week 15: 49ers at Cowboys (SNF)
  • Week 15: Eagles at Cardinals
  • Week 16: Vikings at Saints (TNF)
  • Week 16: 49ers at Cardinals
  • Week 16: Rams at Seahawks
  • Week 16: Eagles at Cowboys

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