Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

  • Governor John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 357 into law Tuesday making Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contests legal in the parishes in Louisiana with DFS.
  • The original law for DFS from last year did not include internet DFS contests which LA HB 357 has now legalized.

BATON ROUGE, La. – The people of Louisiana can now compete in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contests after Governor John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 357 into law on Tuesday.

DFS is legal in 47 of the 64 parishes in Louisiana after residents voted for its legalization in 2018. Those same residents will now have access to participate in online DFS contests for cash prizes under the new law.

It took Edwards six days to decide on the bill’s fate.

House Bill 357 Turns Into Act. No. 141

With the Governor’s signature, House Bill 357 is now a law known as Act. No. 141.

The law became official and effective for people in the Bayou State as soon as Edwards put pen to paper. Act. No 141 ensures the legalities of multiple DFS online contests that were not originally covered within the initial laws legalizing DFS in 2018.

LA HB 357 was originally a sports betting referendum bill like that of Senate Bill 130 which is currently sitting on the Governor’s desk awaiting a decision.

Amendments to the bill led it to turn into what it is now. It took exactly three months from introductions with the Louisiana State Legislature in March to become a law for the DFS players in Louisiana by June.

Now What?

Reopening after the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns have been difficult on economies nationwide and Louisiana is no different.

The state’s government is looking for resources and revenue streams in any way possible. New revenue streams are much more attractive than having to cut things out of the budget like taking money away from the education system or something else of equal importance.

Legalizing DFS contests will now be an added revenue source for Louisiana.

There are a number of DFS players in the Bayou State who can now contribute money in a different way; by entering contests for the chance to win cash. Just like people that play the lottery or other forms of gambling or contests already do.

Daily Fantasy Sports is said to have been a profitable market prior to allowing for contests to become a part of its legal industry. Millions of dollars have been brought into Louisiana by players of the game.

With House Bill 357 now a law, up next is the future of Senate Bill 130.

Legal sports betting in Louisiana could bring additional funds into a depleted budget. Governor Edwards has until mid-June to decide whether or not to move forward with a legal sports betting market in Louisiana.

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