Caesars will soon launch their mobile sportsbook in Indiana

  • Mobile registration will allow Caesars mobile sportsbook to launch safely in Indiana.
  • This is the second mobile sportsbook to launch in Indiana during the coronavirus pandemic.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Caesars mobile sportsbook got approval to launch in Indiana on Monday.

The Indiana Gaming Commission gave the approval for Caesars to launch their mobile sportsbook as soon as Tuesday to the public.

Once the sportsbook does open, Indiana will have more options for sports betting than before.

Launching During A Pandemic

Currently, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has all the retail sportsbooks in Indiana closed.

Even though that is the case, Indiana sports betting laws allow for Caesars to succeed anyways.

Mobile sports betting is currently active in Indiana and bettors can sign up for a mobile sportsbook remotely.

That means that no one has to enter a casino to register for an online account. Many states such as Nevada require that mobile sports bettors must register for an account in person.

However, such a rule does not exist in Indiana. Legal sports bettors are allowed to register for mobile accounts in the safety of their own home in Indiana.

Caesars is not the first mobile sportsbook to launch during the pandemic in Indiana. theScore also launched their mobile sportsbook last week.

Although Caesars can still get people to register for accounts remotely, that does not mean people will.

There is a serious lack of regular sports happening around the world. Caesars will have to offer a creative menu that can be wagered on during the coronavirus pandemic.

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