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  • Sportsbooks in the provinces of Canada will be able to launch on August 27 if they are ready to do so.
  • The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act of Canada will become an official law to allow for regulated sports betting markets on August 27.
  • Ontario is expected to become the first province in the country to open sportsbooks to the public.

OTTAWA – On June 29, Canada passed Bill C-218 to amend the Criminal Code of the country and allow for provinces to open sports betting markets, which becomes an official law on August 27. Beginning on that date, sportsbooks in provinces across the country will be able to go live. Ontario will be one of the first, if not the first province to launch their regulated sports betting industry.

Sports Betting In Canada

Bill C-218, now known as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act is expected to bring in billions of dollars in handle that Canadians usually wager on sports through the use of other outside outlets. Now this will all be money that is kept in the country for the first time in history. Canada is home to a number of sports bettors, as well as professional teams that see plenty of action with outsider sportsbooks every year.

Ontario, Ottawa, and Toronto are all provinces that are gearing up toward opening sportsbooks in Canada. These provinces are getting their rules and regulations ready as well as their operators so that they will be able to go live in 2021, but most are hoping to open up the new market as close to the official August 27 date as possible since that is the first day they will be eligible to do so.

PointsBet has been working toward branching out in the Canadian sports betting industry. They should be one of the first sports gaming operations to be seen in the country. A number of sports wagering operators are expected to open in Canada as more provinces decide on whether or not to open sportsbook markets of their own.

What’s Next For Canada?

Land-based and mobile sportsbooks, as well as sports betting kiosks, will be seen in provinces in Canada that have regulated sports betting industries. The country is expecting to see millions of dollars in revenue that could even cross over into the billions of dollars bracket as things progress. However, one thing is certain, Canada will launch sportsbooks in 2021 and it could be as soon as within the next month.

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