Mississippi Sports Betting

  • Mississippi sports betting handle is up 27.5%.
  • The sports betting revenue, however, is down 28.7%.
  • Mississippi still does not have a truly mobile regulated sports betting market.

JACKSON, Miss. Mississippi sports betting in October continued to show a steady increase in betting activity, with more money being wagered on sports.

In an interesting twist, however, sports betting revenue is actually down in October year-over-year. The revenue numbers are still up from September, however.

The majority of the betting activity came from casinos along the coast, with key locations in Biloxi being the prime Mississippi sports betting hubs in October.

Betting In Mississippi

Based on the official reports released by the Mississippi Gaming Commission, it is revealed that $61.2 million was wagered on sports in October, up 17.2% from the $52.2 million in September.

Over $41.2 million of the total betting handle came from sportsbooks at coastal casinos, with the bulk of that money coming from NFL wagers.

Football was the most wagered on sports at all sportsbooks in October, with the NFL season being the main major league active at this time. The college football betting season was also in stride in October, leading to more football wagers.

Although Mississippi has enjoyed a steady increase in betting handle month over month, the yearly sports betting revenue numbers are actually down.

In October, the Magnolia State took in $8.8 million. Although this is 33.3% higher than the $6.6 million in September, revenue is down from the $12.3 million taken in October 2019.

Still, Mississippi continues to make a profit off of a thriving sports betting market. This is, however, in spite of having a limited mobile betting experience.

Mobile and online sports betting have boomed in other sports betting markets due to many bettors staying home caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mississippi only offers mobile betting while physically at the casino sportsbook.

Should Mississippi pass legislation to allow off-site mobile betting, the betting handle, and revenue numbers are expected to increase tremendously.

So far, however, there is no indication from state lawmakers that the legal sports betting market in Mississippi is looking to make such a change. Sports bettors in the Magnolia State have continued to travel to land-based sportsbooks throughout the year consistently.

With the NFL season continuing, college football and basketball seasons going underway, and the start of the NBA season incoming, sports betting activities are expected to continue to grow into the new year.

Mississippi has managed to thrive as one of the bigger sports betting markets in the country.

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