DraftKings and Stats Perform

  • Stats Perform provides daily fantasy sports data to DraftKings.
  • DraftKings has been using Stats Perform for their DFS needs since the company launched.
  • DraftKings also uses Stats Perform for their DK Live app.

CHICAGODraftKings have extended their business relationship with Stats Perform by signing a new multi-year partnership with the company.

Lately, DraftKings has been making big moves in the legal sports betting world.

The company has gone public and is becoming a giant in the sports betting industry. But DraftKings has always been known for their daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests.

They signed a new multi-year contract with Stats Perform to further cement themselves as one of the best DFS companies in the United States.

DraftKings And Stats Perform

Ever since DraftKings launched their DFS platform, they have been partnered with Stats Perform.

Stats Perform is a sports data collection agency and they give these sports stats to their partners. Thanks to that, DraftKings can use the stats they receive to create DFS contests for their customers.

DraftKings uses the data from Stats Perform for two different things. They use the data for their DFS contests and they use the data for DK Live. DK Live is a play-by-play fantasy app, similar to their traditional DFS contests.

They do not use Stats Perform to operate their sportsbook.

Stats Perform collects sports data from different leagues for DraftKings to use in their DFS contests. Leagues like the NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, FIBA, CFL, college football, men’s college basketball, and many major soccer leagues from around the world.

Stats Perform has been providing such data since DraftKings launched and is ready to continue their partnership.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with DraftKings to create a fun and exciting DFS experience for sports fans worldwide,” said Steve Xeller, Stats Perform Chief Revenue Officer. “Using Stats Perform data, DraftKings has sparked innovation and dramatic growth within the fields of predictive sports analytics and digital entertainment. As interest in DFS continues to grow, we look forward to our continued work with DraftKings to power a new wave of AI-powered sports statistics that drive new insights and opportunities for the DFS experience.”

With their partnership extended, fans of DraftKings’ DFS contests should expect more to come in the future.

Both companies have grown since DraftKings first launched and their aim is to make DFS contests more accurate and better for players. With this partnership, DraftKings continues to cement themselves as a large force in the DFS and sports betting industry.

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