Esports One DFS platform to launch.

  • Esports One is an all-in-one fantasy esports platform.
  • Players can not only participate in fantasy esports, but keep up to date with various esports news.
  • Esports One only has League of Legends available but other esports titles are expected to join soon.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Esports One’s esports fantasy platform is no longer under beta testing and is available for everyone to use.

Esports One is a different kind of daily fantasy sports platform. With Esports One, players can participate in esports fantasy contests. At the moment, only the LCS (American) and LEC (European) leagues for League of Legends is available at the moment. The company plans on introducing other esports titles in the future.

On top of being an esports fantasy platform, Esports One offers more than fantasy matches. On the site, articles about what is going on in the esports world will be posted. These articles will target those interested in fantasy esports.

On top of that, the actual esports matches themselves will be streamed on Esports One. The company is trying to make Esports One the one-stop-shop for esports content.

Watching Esports One should be a unique experience when compared to watching matches on any other stream. Esports One has tech partners in Eniac Ventures and Xseed Capital. Both of these companies have developed technologies used in MIT and Caltech.

Thanks to these companies, Esports One can provide in-game data on their streams. To give an example of what that would look like, CEO Matt Gunnin compared it to watching football on television.

“Imagine trying to watch a football game if there isn’t that yellow first-down line,” said Gunnin. “What we’ve been trying to build from the early days is the technology to be that first-down line for esports.”

What exactly this will look like during League of Legends matches is not completely known yet. However, this will help guide fantasy players on how to follow the action. It would also help those new to esports betting.

In a world without much sports or legal sports betting happening, esports betting and fantasy esports have taken over. The owners of Esports One have seen an increased interest in esports and fantasy esports in recent weeks. That influx of interest is likely going to continue to increase while major sports leagues are still on a hiatus.

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