French Open doubles players suspected of match fixing

  • Prosecutors in Paris are investigating the possibility of match-fixing in a doubles match during the French Open.
  • The match involved Andreea Mitu, Patricia Maria Tig, Yana Sizikova, and Madison Brengle.
  • The investigation centers around a high volume of wagers at sportsbooks on Set 2 Game 5.

PARIS, France – Prosecutors in Paris are investigating the possibility of match-fixing during a doubles match in the French Open.

Andreea Mitu and Patricia Maria Tig vs. Yana Sizikova and Madison Brengle is the match in question that has officials skeptical.

During Set 2 Game 5, many wagers at online sportsbooks from multiple countries were made for Sizikova on serve to get broken. Sizikova got broken to love, making prosecutors weary of possible match-fixing.

Possible Match Fixing

Due to the strange influx of those betting on the French Open during that particular serve, prosecutors launched a full-scale investigation into the match.

According to reports several betting operations have raised the issue of the influx in wagers on that specific serve. The exact amount of wagers has not been released to the public as of yet.

The match ended with Tig and Mitu winning and advancing to the next round, taking a two-set victory. Rumors of the possible match-fixing started in the community shortly after the match.

The recorded video of the fifth game in set two began surfacing online, with many fans analyzing the broken serve.

Sizikova having two double faults in such a short window is what truly raises the alarm of investigators, sportsbooks, and tennis fans as a whole.

Despite the suspicions of the play, currently, no specific player has been named as being targeted. The French police are still reviewing the evidence to see the potential manipulation of the legal tennis betting market.

The investigation will continue in hopes to clarify whether or not the mistake was natural and if those betting on the serve were just a coincidence or not.

If the situation is revealed to be manipulated, investigators would then look to see how involved the tennis players were in the alleged match-fixing.

The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) has not released an official statement on the matter as the investigation continues. Match-fixing is taken very seriously by all legal sports betting markets. Fans and bettors are hoping that the truth will be revealed in a timely fashion.

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