GameScoreKeeper will now provide esports betting data to Scientific Games

  • Scientific Games will provide GameScoreKeeper with esports data.
  • Updated and recent data is necessary for esports bets to take place.
  • Not many sportsbooks in the United States allow for esports betting.

LAS VEGAS – GameScoreKeeper began its partnership with Scientific Games on Monday and will provide them with esports betting data.

Scientific Games is a sportsbook provider. Throughout the country, Scientific Games is operating a good number of sportsbooks. Thanks to this partnership, some of their sportsbooks will have the ability to offer odds on esports.

The Partnership

GameScoreKeeper is a Danish esports data provider. When it comes to esports betting, having the most updated stats is essential. Keith O’Loughlin, SVP Sportsbook from Scientific Games believes so as well.

“Esports are growing in popularity by the day. We’re thrilled to partner with GameScorekeeper to provide our partners with reliable live match data for the esports that players and spectators love. In esports, data is king, and both the players and audience require a streamlined feed of information in real time. Partnering with GameScorekeeper, we’ll be able to provide that world class experience,” said O’Loughlin.

With accurate data, esports action will have the most updated lines and odds provided to bettors. This will allow esports bettors to more accurately access their bets on games such as League of Legends.

Potential Walls To Overcome

Although Scientific Games now has access to esports data, that does not mean all of their sportsbooks will have odds on esports. Although there is a demand for esports betting, that does not mean sportsbooks can do so.

Lawmakers often implement sports betting laws with provisions on what bettors cannot wager on. Often coupled with high school sports betting, many states cannot offer odds on esports because the participants in esports tournaments are minors.

This is not true for every state. New Jersey allowed for sportsbooks to take action on the League of Legends World Championship. It is entirely possible that more states will become more lenient about esports betting in the future.

For now, the partnership between Scientific Games and GameScoreKeeper has been established. It will likely take some time before any of their sportsbooks will be updated with esports lines. Either way, more sportsbooks are taking a look at esports as a new way to attract customers.

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