AHL and Genius Sports

  • The American Hockey League (AHL) now has an official data provider for their sporting events with Genius Sports Group.
  • Genius Sports Group will be able to access all 31 teams of the AHL’s action and provide sportsbooks with the latest information for improved betting lines on all games in the league.

NEW YORKGenius Sports Group continues making moves in partnership deals with their latest contract being signed by the American Hockey League (AHL), the sports betting data firm announced Wednesday.

The AHL is the main league behind developing players for the National Hockey League (NHL) and because of this, they receive plenty of gambling action on their games. Like the NHL, the AHL has 31 teams, one team connected to each professional organization acting like the Minor League of the MLB for hockey.

What Will Genius Sports Do For The AHL?

Every mobile sports betting operator around the globe using Genius Sports Group as a provider of data for their sportsbook will now have access to a plethora of information regarding the AHL.

In their partnership made with the league, Genius Sports Group will offer the real-time game and athlete data to operators as they will have a birds-eye view of everything happening at each event from inside the arenas to provide copious amounts of information on the games.

“This partnership exemplifies the unique value we deliver to our sports and sportsbook partners in the US and worldwide. With the right technology partner, sports leagues can proactively engage with the regulated betting industry to drive new revenues, increase engagement and expand their global audience,” said Sean Conroy, Commercial Partnerships Director of Genius Sports Group. “Simultaneously, our sportsbook partners benefit from our ever-expanding portfolio of premium data and video content.

All the official stats obtained by Genius Sports will be worked into the live trading models for wagers on the matchups as well as be factored into the algorithms used to come up with the odds for all AHL betting.

There will be over 1,200 AHL games covered by Genius Sports and members of sportsbooks affiliated with them can stream these broadcasts with the company’s technology as they receive up to date information on the matchups. This will be an extremely helpful tool for betting lines as a whole but more specifically for live in-game wagers.

“We are excited about our partnership with Genius Sports”, said Chris Nikolis, EVP, Business for the AHL. “Our goal is to deliver the excitement and quality of AHL hockey to fans worldwide and to engage with them as effectively in the manner that suits them best. Genius Sports is an industry leader and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Hockey Betting Just Got More In-Depth

This partnership will bring a whole new level of sports betting action to the AHL and the NHL as a byproduct.

More sports bettors will have access to the AHL and help a league full of the best talent for the future of professional hockey receive the attention they deserve in their quest to make it to the NHL.

With legal sports betting becoming available in more states in the U.S. through each passing legislative session, this will only help to further expand the successes of Genius Sports and the AHL through their partnership.

“With regulated betting continuing to spread across the US, the AHL has recognized a unique opportunity to accelerate its global growth and we are excited to be working alongside such a dynamic league,” said Conroy.

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