Hard Rock Digital

  • Hard Rock Digital is a new interactive gaming and sports betting product.
  • Former Stars Group executives are attached to the product.
  • Hard Rock Digital will now be the vehicle used by Hard Rock International (HRI) globally.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. Hard Rock Interactive (HRI) has officially announced an all-new interactive gaming and sports betting product, Hard Rock Digital.

Hard Rock Digital will be the vehicle for HRI both domestically and globally at the many Hard Rock locations.

The product is backed by major industry executives, including former Stars Group executive members. Hard Rock Digital is looking to leave an imprint on the legal sports betting field.

Interactive Sports Betting

Hard Rock Digital will allow users to access the full-scale sports betting offering that HRI has. The product will be backed by Seminole Gaming (SGA) for its online casino gambling section as well.

HRI is looking to use Hard Rock Digital to leverage the company’s 130 million-plus customers across 76 counties and 250 land-based venues. With Hard Rock Digital, this extensive database will automatically have access to the full product offering.

“With the launch of Hard Rock Digital, we are broadening our digital business which enhances consumer experiences and offerings across our interactive gaming and sportsbook offerings,” said Jim Allen, Chairman of Hard Rock International. “Hard Rock Digital also intends to pursue strategic branding and distribution opportunities both within the U.S. and globally. In the U.S. alone, the potential future market size is estimated at $7 billion for sports betting and $14 billion for online gaming.”

Hard Rock has a large backing of major names in the industry who are looking to be a part of the Hard Rock Digital launch.

Names like Matt Primeaux, Executive Managing Director and President, Rafi Ashkenazi, Executive Managing Director, and Executive Chair, and Marlon Goldstein, Executive Managing Director, and CEO are all attached to the new product.

There are also former executives from The Stars Group, FOX Bet, and Playtech who have joined forces with HRI for Hard Rock Digital.

“We are honored to join forces with Hard Rock International on this new venture,” said Marlon Goldstein, Executive Managing Director and CEO for Hard Rock Digital. “Hard Rock International is consistently at the forefront of innovation and vision in the gaming industry and the ‘Hard Rock’ gaming, hospitality and entertainment venues are iconic worldwide. We look forward to providing an authentic, digital experience for Hard Rock’s global fan base within a comprehensive, omni-channel offering.”

No official date for the launch of Hard Rock digital has been set. The new product is, however, targeted to be launched in 2021.

Hard Rock looks to expand its dominance in the legal sports betting world through online sportsbooks.

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