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  • Live political betting will be a major draw during the 2020 Presidential Election.
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WASHINGTON – The long-awaited Election Day is upon as sports bettors who are looking for even more ways to get in on the action will find live betting as the best option.

Live election betting is when you place wagers throughout Election Day. Several betting lines will pop up at online sportsbooks in real time, going as fast as they came. Sports bettors will be able to make quick bets constantly as the results begin pouring in.

Those betting on the 2020 Presidential Election will find that live election betting is one of the most engaging ways to wager. The constant betting lines will turn every updated result into a potential major win which makes this the best way to hedge bets.

Polls And Odds

When looking to partake in live election betting, the best thing to pay close attention to is the polls. The polls will be the best way to gauge the results of the betting lines.

These betting lines will accompany every major state, county, and region as the polls begin to close and the results get posted.

For example, current polls suggest that former VP Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump nationally.

National Polls
Biden 51.8%
Trump 43.4%

With sports bettors taking action on the results of the election, the polls directly affect how those bettors are wagering at online sportsbooks.

Odds to Win the 2020 Presidential Election

  • Joe Biden -210
  • Donald Trump +180

As Biden is favored in the polls, he is also favored at legal sports betting sites. While the polls don’t directly translate into results, as the 2016 Election proved, it is still the best way to see how the public may vote.

During the election, the live betting lines will be available for a short time. For example, a betting line may ask ‘By what margin will President Trump Win in Texas?’, using the polls sports bettors can quickly make the best possible decision before the betting line passes.

Live Betting On Swing States

Swing states will be the biggest draws, as it is unknown how these states will vote, thus making the betting results more unpredictable. The live betting lines and odds will reflect this as sports bettors will be clinging to wager on states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and now Georgia heavily.

Florida polls currently show Joe Biden as ahead by a small margin, but odds at legal sports betting sites have Trump favored. When the live betting odds appear for Florida, this is a betting line that will be tackled heavily on both sides.

Florida Polls
Biden 49.1%
Trump 46.6%

Odds To Win Florida

  • Republican -175
  • Democrat +145

Florida has a history of being too close to call until the very last minute. President Trump beat his opponent Hilary Clinton in Florida by only 2% during the 2016 election.

Pennsylvania will also be a major attraction for live election betting as the Keystone State shockingly voted Republican in 2016, after decades of voting Democrat in the past.

Pennsylvania Polls
Biden 50.2%
Trump 45.6%

To Win Pennsylvania

  • Democrat -180
  • Republican +150

While the current odds and polls indicate that Biden is heavily favored, the live betting lines will surely shift throughout the course of the night when voting results come in.

Michigan is another state that switched sides in 2016 that is favored to switch back during this election. The Republican candidate managed to win by only .3% last election, the smallest margin of victory in over a century.

Biden 51.2%
Trump 43.2%

To Win Michigan

  • Democrat -400
  • Republican +300

Sports bettors aren’t expecting the same thing to occur this time around. The live betting lines for Michigan will surely be a major draw this time around as well.

BetOnline will be posting it’s live in-play betting odds starting at 6 PM. The constant winning potential will be overflowing throughout Election Day and night.

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