Indiana Sports Betting Two Year Anniversary

  • Indiana sports betting is celebrating its second year of being in business this week.
  • The state has both retail and mobile sports betting for residents to enjoy.
  • Over $334,603,015, in revenue has been made from the sports gaming industry of Indiana in two years.

INDIANAPOLIS – On Wednesday, Indiana celebrates two years of having an official sports betting industry. The Hoosier State has accumulated eleven retail sportsbooks as well as 13 mobile sports gaming platforms since going live.

Indiana sportsbooks have seen a great amount of success despite the period of time when there was a lack of sports and overall betting action due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Indiana Sportsbooks, Two Years Later

Regulating sports wagering in 2019 in Indiana has been highly successful. NFL betting and basketball wagers take up the interest of most sports bettors in the state since the industry has gone live.

In two years time, with the outbreak of COVID-19 and all, $ 4,075,787,639 worth of wagers have been placed with local sportsbooks. This has led to a combined revenue of $334,603,015 and taxes equating to $31,791,395 based on the reports released by the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC).

What’s Coming For Indiana Heading Into Year Three?

With the 2021-2022 NFL season just days away, there is a lot of money to be made by sportsbooks in Indiana, giving further reason to celebrate this momentous two-year anniversary. NFL betting is done across the state by the ton. With the pandemic and the potential of shutdowns once again of retail sportsbooks, mobile sports betting platforms should see the bulk of wagers, as is what is typically seen nationwide.

Either way, the Coronavirus did not put a schism in the sports gaming market or the optimism of fans in the Hoosier State. More and more users of the sportsbook platforms available continue to join daily, which has allowed this two year anniversary to be a good one for the industry. Sports betting in Indiana is only expected to gain more of a following and more revenue for the state, so watch out year three, the Hoosier sports bettors are coming for you!

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