Kentucky Derby betting odds show Tiz the Law at the top of the list. Honor AP could give him a run for his money.

  • Sports Bettors are wagering on the Kentucky Derby with several partnerships.
  • Tiz The Law has the shortest odds at -175 to win the big race.
  • Honor AP has the second shortest odds at +525 to win.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Kentucky Derby is incoming and sports bettors have been aggressively wagering at online sportsbooks.

Tiz The Law is the current favorite. After big wins in the Belmont Stakes and the Traverse Stakes, it makes perfect sense why sports bettors are leaning towards the thoroughbred

Due to pulling Gate 17, Tiz The Law may be at a disadvantage, which explains why a lot of action has started to get thrown in Honor AP’s direction.

Tiz The Law Leads The Charge

The 2020 Kentucky Derby is bringing out horse race bettors from all over the country. Online sportsbooks are showing an increase in wagers being taken as we get close to the big race.

Tiz The Law has remained the favorite going in, and if pulling the unlucky Gate 17 didn’t deter sports bettors from picking the proven winner, then nothing will.

Odds To Win 2020 Kentucky Derby

  • (17)Tiz The Law -175
  • (16)Honor A.P.+525
  • (18)Authentic +800
  • (10)Thousand Words +1700
  • (15)NY Traffic +2000
  • (6)King Guillermo +2500
  • (2)Max Player +3000
  • (12)Sole Volante +3500
  • (3)Enforceable +4000
  • (13)Attachment Rate +4000
  • (4)Storm The Court +4000
  • (5)Major Fed +4250
  • (7)Money Moves +5000
  • (8)South Bend +6600
  • (1)Finnick The Fierce +6600
  • (9)Mr. Big News +8500
  • (14)Winning Impression +9000
  • (11) Necker Island +10000

Tiz The Law managed to win the other Triple Crown event Belmont Stakes earlier in the year and just cleared the Traverse Stakes in August. He is the most decorated horse in the race.

The three-year-old colt has been the favorite since the odds were posted. He was trained by veteran horse breeder Barclay Tagg and has gotten over 1,500 wins in his young career. Sports bettors are expecting his dominance to continue Saturday.

Honor AP is also a racehorse to look out for going in. Not only does the racehorse have the second shortest odds to win, but since no horse has ever won from the 17th position since the gate was established in 1930, history may be against Tiz The Law.

Honor AP would then be the smartest horse to look at. At legal sports betting sites Honor AP is favored in all its matchups.

Kentucky Derby Matchups Honor AP Vs. NY Traffic

  • Honor AP -300
  • NY Times +240

Kentucky Derby Matchups Honor AP Vs. Thousand Words

  • Honor AP -260
  • Thousand Words +200

Although the underdog to win the entire thing, there are several figures in the horse betting community that expect big things from the thoroughbred.

He also has strong DNA backing him as well, being the son of legendary racehorse Honor Code.

“Obviously he’s named after his grandsire, so what he really has is a really big stride,” said John Shirreffs, Honor AP’s trainer. “. “He has a long underline, and he has a very big stride, and it’s an effortless stride. Like, when you watch sprinters run, they kind of run hard, like they’re turning the stride over, turning the stride over, turning the stride over. You’re not seeing that swing, that little rhythm to their stride, usually.”

His strong genes and Tiz The Law’s unlucky starting gate may be the very thing to look at for when betting on the Kentucky Derby.

“With Honor A. P., that’s what you see, that sort of swing, the glide, the stride; swing, glide, stride,” continues Shirreffs. “That shows or indicates that he’s not putting a lot of effort into it, so that helps horses go farther.”

There are a lot of betting lines available for racehorse bettors leading into the big event. The Kentucky Derby is bringing out the best in the business for the “most exciting two minutes in sports”.

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