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  • Florida lawmakers are set to present a new bill that would regulate sports betting in the Sunshine State.
  • Florida failed to pass a legal sports betting bill earlier in 2020.
  • Lawmakers are looking to use the added sports betting funds to fund education.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.Sports bettors in Florida could possibly find domestic sports betting hit the Sunshine State should the state’s legislative session in March bear fruit of a new sports betting bill.

Lawmakers are optimistic about the pre-filed bill, even though Florida has consistently failed to pass any bill that would bring legal sports betting, including just recently a failed attempt in early 2021.

The new bill, however, hopes to convince legislators by presenting the economic boost from sports betting Florida could be gaining. Florida’s economy took major losses in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting the state down for months.

Florida Sports Betting

Although history has shown a reluctance for a regulated sports betting market, Florida sports bettors should still view this new bill as a good sign for the future.

The new sports betting bill, SB 392, is being backed by Senator Jeff Brandes, who is a member of the Republican Party. Brandes’s ties to his party could work to convince other Senators and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to move forward with the bill.

Should the bill be passed, not only will retail sportsbooks be operational in Florida, but the bill also includes the launching of online and mobile betting as well.

While the most recent sports betting bill failed to be voted into law at the 2020 legislative session, many things have happened since then that could sway voters this time around.

The main event was the global pandemic that shut down the nation. Florida in particular has suffered from the most cases in the nation.

Lawmakers could use the pandemic and the economic loss to convince voters that added revenue from sports betting is a necessity at this point.

Many other states have managed to cover some of the losses gained from COVID-19 shutdowns with the boom in revenue coming from sports betting.

Should Florida lawmakers look at sports betting from a strictly financial scenario, then a vote of approval could be a reality.

Sports bettors will have to wait until March to see the fate of the new bill.

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