Fully embracing sports betting has benefited the XFL so far this season.

  • Sports betting is helping to grow the XFL brand.
  • XFL Betting Lines have been offered every week this season.
  • The XFL and NFL have different stances on sports betting.

STAMFORD, Conn.Sports betting has been on the rise for several years, but in recent years it has been rapidly increasing. The XFL being the new league that it is, is taking full advantage of that by using XFL betting to grow its brand.

Betting on the XFL is working to keep fans engaged in the games every week similar to how the NFL used daily fantasy sports to increase its ratings years ago.

Growing XFL Brand

With the XFL still being a developing product as Week 4 of the season approaches, they are taking a different route when it comes to marketing their brand. Officials from the league have made it known that they are looking to become the most sports betting-friendly league.

“We currently see about as much combined action on Saturdays four XFL Games as we would see on a single prime-time NFL matchup,” said Adam Burns, Manager of BetOnline.

They are looking to welcome all sorts of sports betting and fantasy options to their league. It adds more excitement to what is an ordinary game for sports bettors as they are now financially tied to the game. The reason being is that fantasy football has helped the NFL ratings tremendously and that is what the XFL is aiming for.

“This notion of embracing the spread means that our mission, our design and our business infrastructure are all geared to the sports betting future that’s coming fast,” said Jeffery Pollack, XFL President.

Catering To Sports Bettors

If the XFL is looking to grow their brand through sports betting then what better audience to target then sports bettors? The new rules and faster gameplay is how they are going to keep sports bettors engaged.

Scoring rules are meant to try and make close games by allowing a team to score between one and three extra points after a touchdown.

“While it may come to a shock to many, people like to watch games that they gave money on,” said Burns.

With the legal sports betting market on a rapid rise as of late and with several states considering to legalize the activity during their legislative sessions this year, the XFL is doing a fine job at tackling that market to help themselves grow.

“A lot of pros are leaning into the sports betting world. It’s what our fans want. We don’t see cons, we see opportunity,” said Pollack.

XFL Vs. NFL Difference On Sports Betting

By no means is sports betting frowned upon in the NFL, but the XFL is trying to do everything they can in order to provide football at a competitive level. The NFL actually will now allow sports betting lounges in NFL stadiums.

The NFL has been fighting for regulated sports betting while the XFL is simply embracing it as it comes. There has been a difference however in the type of bets that are being made in the NFL and XFL.

“One interesting difference is that most XFL wagers are coming in on the game totals. Most major American sports we cover see the majority of the action on the point spread,” said Burns.

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