Mike Greenberg

  • ESPN launches a new show called “Bettor Days” hosted by legendary analyst Mike Greenberg.
  • The series discusses crazy sports betting and gambling stories from real live bettors.
  • The show will air exclusively on ESPN+ once a week for the remainder of September.

LAS VEGAS – Mike Greenberg hosts the new “Bettor Days” series on ESPN+ that covers the wildest gambling and sports betting stories in recent memory.

The legendary analyst and sports personality brings his charm and interviewing skills to the forefront as viewers are introduced to some of the craziest sports betting events out there.

The series will run once a week for the entirety of September exclusively on ESPN+. Greeny will interview several sports betting fans and bring their stories to life throughout the month.

Bettor Days Sports Betting Show

The new legal sports betting series focuses mainly on the wild stories of fans during sporting events. ESPN describes the show as uncovering the more interesting side of the sports betting world.

“At ESPN+, we have the freedom to experiment and find new ways to tell entertaining stories, and Bettor Days is the latest example,” said Brian Lockhart, vice president and executive producer, Original Content, ESPN+. “Greeny is a natural when it comes to uncovering the most interesting, funny elements in a story, and the reenactments are a perfect complement to his interviews.”

The show’s structure is as follows. Greeny sits with a sports bettor and interviews them about a particular event.

Then as the interviewee begins telling the story, a reenacting dramatization with paid actors will appear on the screen, acting out the events as they are being narrated in the first person. Greeny shines as a host and is able to steer the conversations in an entertaining manner.

In the first episode that is currently live at ESPN+, fans are introduced to Steven Friedlander, an ophthalmologist who managed to win a long-shot wager on the Kentucky Derby, but his payout wasn’t exactly what he expected.

When explaining the show, Greenberg expresses bringing the craziness of sports betting wins and losses to the screen for entertainment.

“The idea is that we tell, through first-person narration, some of the craziest gambling stories in recent memory. said Greenberg. “Crazy wins, crazy losses — told by people who suffered all kinds of consequences. And then we do these beautiful dramatizations that give the stories a sense of drama.”

ESPN+ members can log on now and watch the first episode. All-new episodes will air every Thursday in September.

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